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New PowerMTA 5.0r1 available with great UI, technical updates & stability in performance ;)
After initial discussions about my requirements with @Osjtya I decided to ask him to carry out some work I needed help with. I thought I would take the time to review the service he provided.

First of all he is nearly always available for discussion and is friendly even when you are bomarding him with questions.

He is very knowledgable, the work requested was carried out quickly and without any issues at all and even delivered ahead of schedule.

He has been happy to provide support and answer questions even after the work was delivered, this is not always the case with people I have dealt with in the past - once they have your money they are gone.

I would be happy to recommend @Osjtya to anyone looking for server work, optimisation, anything PowerMTA, Mailwizz or general SMTP related work. I have further work coming up and will not hesitate to use him again to deliver this.
Anybody looking for SMTPs, Servers, Applications, Optimisation, Configuration, Installation, Deliverability, Consultation, Inbox, etc. I'm available ;)

Learn about Google (Gmail / G Suite), Microsoft, Yahoo, Aol & others sending practices/policies.
I was having an issue with my install of Mailwizz and @Osjtya was able to fix it very quickly at a very fair price.

He also told me a few things I needed to do to keep Mailwizz running efficiently.

We will be using him moving forward for all of our Mailwizz needs.

Thanks again @Osjtya !!
I have purchased Mailwizz MAY 2018 and installed by a person. its worked okay. but since last December I unable to access . I tried but unable to reach him, so need your help to reinstalled. I have purchase hosting from OVH as per instruction of that guy its still valid. I can forward full access as per your request. Please advise me your service charges .
New PowerMTA 5.0r3 / PowerMTA Management Console 1.5r19 (PMTA) available with great UI, technical updates & stability in performance ;)
What is your recommendation to use: Multiple Servers or PowerMTA?
Hey :)

That actually depends on your use case in some cases multiple servers with PMTA, because of load, etc. But if you're sending very low quality but spam (100%) then multiple servers. But I still prefer PMTA as it can be configured as per choice & requirements and open-source MTAs don't give that much freedom.