1. Andy Whitlow

    Mailwizz or PMTA Domains Suppression

    Hello Mailwizz Fam, I noticed Mailwizz only has email suppression and not domain suppression function. And I hope this would be added in future even if it should be available at the backend only. I have over 14k domains I would love to suppress. Now my question is, Does PMTA has function to...
  2. S

    How to Make use of PMTA endpoint to process bounces, complaints, etc in Mailwizz 1.9.14?

    Hi Team, Could you please let us know how to use PMTA endpoint to process bounces, complaints, etc in Mailwizz 1.9.14? I have attached the screenshot for more details...
  3. ishane1112

    [Connection timed out #110]

    I just build the email sending server with powermta, however, the server can't connected with MailWizz, the error message and server configuration is as shown in below picture. Is there someone who can help me solve the problem? p.s: the server can send email out with other applications on...

    PMTA Monitor - Intelligent PowerMTA Monitoring Console

    Managing multiple PowerMTA servers? Now you can monitor them all together and get statistics on single page with password protected access and compare them in real time. Get notified about non-working servers! Why to spend thousands of dollars? When you can have ready to use cloud platform for...
  5. P

    Question about 3rd-party app to replace PTA Management Console

    I have come to find out...from Port25 itself...that their PMTA Management Console app is inherently insecure. That's pretty funny considering how much they charge for it. I suppose I could set up VPNs connecting our various Amazon EC2 servers...but I would rather find a more secure app for...
  6. costas201

    PMTA issue

    Guys has anyone with PMTA encountered this: Warning: Processing of data from node is 35 days 03:45:06 (DBLoader delta 405.7ms, 170.0b) behind. Please advise :)
  7. rritz

    How to blacklist bounces instead of unsubscribing

    Using pmta and bouncehandler from github. I have read all the documentation there plus some issues filed. I did not find how to do this, or maybe it is there and I didn't understand it. How can I get hard bounces (bad mailbox, user does not exist etc) on my blacklist instead of unsubscribing...
  8. dagon

    PMTA configuration for VIA

    I'm trying to configure PMTA to send emails using two different domains, like the ESPs do. For instance I would like my emails to go out like this: From: VIA How do I go about setting that up? Currently, my emails are all going out as...
  9. Ibrahim Sharif

    [ PowerMTA ] Configuration Directives Discussion

    /* In this Thread I will Discuss my own queries with all of You about PMTA directives and effects. * Please Help me to learn deeply and I will also try to gather More Knowledge Here. */ <mx-rollup-list>
  10. O

    PowerMTA PMTA Gmail Inbox SMTP Postfix Postal DNS Support Setup Installation Optimize Maintenance

    Hey Guys, I'm working with MailWizz from very beginning and seen it impressively evolve over time by @twisted1919 (Thanks for being support ninja ;)). So, I'm in this email marketing and managing MTAs for over years now because I'm Server Admin at one of the Tier 3 Datacenter. I'm currently...
  11. rritz

    What does: "x-pmta;all sources disabled" mean?

    Can anyone help me what this bounce message means? x-pmta;all sources disabled I get it on almost all yahoo emails now, started a couple of days ago. Hard bounces Can't seem to find any info for this anywhere and would appreciate all help
  12. mpspringer

    High Volume Needed - Low Volume Results

    When using a very simple php/mysql script to take recipient email and produce a merged email as a flat file, my colleague uses an E3-12xx XEON with 16Gb RAM and (most importantly) an SSD of 50Gb or more to produce 2 million flat files / email in around 10 minutes. Moving these to /var/Pickup...
  13. Rustam

    How to configure DKIM signature on subdomains PMTA.

    There is a main domain hosted by, created a subdomain - it posted mailWizz , transactional emails sent from this server. Also, there are 10 servers, each with 10 ip: ( - On the main server 100 create subdomains and sending each...
  14. E

    on behalf of & PMTA

    Hi, need a little help with 2 issues: A. 1. we setup the platform on 2. we have same sending & tracking domain on 3. our Customer X will have to send from an email address how can I configure the platform to have in FROM: on behalf...
  15. A

    Best server provider for PowerMTA

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused choosing a vps or a dedicated server to run powermta. Most of the providers doesn't allow bulk mailing. I've been using digitalocean. but they doesn't sell additional IP's & they don't allow bulk mailing on their droplets. It would be so nice if those who...
  16. K

    How to encrypt email via PMTA+mailwizz?

    Hi, I'm using PMTA + mailwizz for self hosted. Everything seems be working good however I saw the email i sent out wasn't encrypted. May I know how to encrypt email?
  17. oscar

    DKIM / DMARC with PMTA and MailWizz

    I am trying to configure DKIM with Mailwizz and I have not gotten My sender domain is and my installation domain is I have generated a private key in: And insert in etc/pmta/ And the public...
  18. Jesse James

    Are You Looking for Power MTA / PMTA Setup ?

    Check those guys.!