1. K

    MailWizz config review

    Hello, Who's the best tech guy to check and review our MailWizz setup ? We're using sendinblue to send the outgoing traffic. Thanks
  2. Againhosting

    Looking for a Mailwizz expert to check my setup and optimise settings

    Hi, We made decision to migrate away from CampaignMonitor to Mailwizz to save money as monthly costs are far too high with CampaignMonitor. We currently have an email list of around 16k subscribers that we send an email newsletter to on a weekly basis (so we send 4 campaigns per month). I paid...
  3. V

    Tags Setting

    I have 3 custom fields in my email list called "Custom field click id", "Custom field lead id", "Custom field affiliate id". I need to insert those fields' values in email body. How do I do that?
  4. C

    Soy Experto en Mailwizz (Setup + Domain + Servidores SMTP)

    Hola Amigos Quiero ofrecer mis servicios de instalación y soporte de Mailwizz en Español a todas las personas que tengan el idioma inglés como barrera. Te puedo ayudar (en inglés y/o español) con lo siguiente: - Provisión de Servidores VPS SSD Linux en Chile y en Europa - Instalación del...
  5. D

    How to set up custom tags

    Hi I have a question I hope someone can help me out with here I want to set up some custom tags based on actions, I want to create tags for opens and clicks and create segments based on these values so my question is how would I do this, I see how to create the tag but unsure on creating the...
  6. O

    PowerMTA PMTA Gmail Inbox SMTP Postfix Postal DNS Support Setup Installation Optimize Maintenance

    Hey Guys, I'm working with MailWizz from very beginning and seen it impressively evolve over time by @twisted1919 (Thanks for being support ninja ;)). So, I'm in this email marketing and managing MTAs for over years now because I'm Server Admin at one of the Tier 3 Datacenter. I'm currently...
  7. mpspringer

    High Volume Needed - Low Volume Results

    When using a very simple php/mysql script to take recipient email and produce a merged email as a flat file, my colleague uses an E3-12xx XEON with 16Gb RAM and (most importantly) an SSD of 50Gb or more to produce 2 million flat files / email in around 10 minutes. Moving these to /var/Pickup...
  8. Douglas Shrader

    Need Help setting up cname redirects.

    Hello, i need someone who can set up cname redirects in the tracking domain area plus more work in maillwhiz. Please get me on skype at dougshrader71 if interested.
  9. Eric Bobrow

    Set up MailWizz on my shared server

    I recently purchased MailWizz for my client and need to get this set up and running. While I am an experienced web developer, I don't have time to learn all of the details of getting this going. The client has a basic, budget hosting account; this is not a dedicated server. I'd like to hire...