1. P

    ADA Compliance Issue for Subscription Form - Urgent

    Hello All, We use Mailwizz for Subscription, and we have one form over the website for the same. Currently, we got threat of being sued for ADA noncompliance and need to fix it, we were to able to fix most of the issues, but out of the list one was regarding this Subscription form, we checked...
  2. J

    List Segmentation and Conditions

    Hello, i have a question: I have a database with a list of guests that went to events; The fields are Name, Email, Event Name, Event City. There are some guests that went to more than one event. My problem is: i want to send a campaign to guests filtering then by events, how can i do that on...
  3. M

    need support.

    I recently brought mailwizz, however I am not good at technology. I paid for support - but having no responses to messages from mailwizz. Is this normal? Since downloading - have discovered I need to buy a smtp server for outgoing mail. Does anyone have any recommendations? when I brought...
  4. U

    error during installation

  5. L

    Need Help Installing Mailwizz for Consumer Use - HELP.

    Please skype me asap if you are able to help with full installation, to allow us to run mailwizz similar to mail SKYPE - Thanks Louis
  6. B

    Send data from Mailwizz back to website

    Hi, I have a question about sending data from Mailwizz back to my website (API or maybe through a webhook?). My situation I'm offering a one time free service on my website but people have to subscribe and confirm their email address before I start working. At this moment I have created a...
  7. K

    Remove Origination ip and unsubscribe list from the email header

    Hi Team, I've been using your platform for a long time however, there are some things which are hampering delivery via using our custom powerMTA servers on yahoo esp specifically. I've gone through the forums and you have shared various posts on how to remove the unsubscribe list from the email...
  8. O

    PowerMTA PMTA Gmail Inbox SMTP Postfix Postal DNS Support Setup Installation Optimize Maintenance

    Hey Guys, I'm working with MailWizz from very beginning and seen it impressively evolve over time by @twisted1919 (Thanks for being support ninja ;)). So, I'm in this email marketing and managing MTAs for over years now because I'm Server Admin at one of the Tier 3 Datacenter. I'm currently...
  9. twisted1919

    Updates related to Envato Support Packs

    Hi guys, As many of you know, when you buy Mailwizz, you get 6 months of free basic support from me and as you also know, i always do my best to help with the issues, most of the times beyond of what support really means (i.e: i often ftp and fix issues not related to mailwizz just to make sure...