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Hey Guys,

I'm working with MailWizz from very beginning and seen it impressively evolve over time by @twisted1919 (Thanks for being support ninja ;)). So, I'm in this email marketing and managing MTAs for over years now because I'm Server Admin at one of the Tier 3 Datacenter. I'm currently working on One-time, Weekly and Monthly plans, as per your convenience at very low prices. Trust me on that bold!

You can anytime connect with me for help :) For further conversation PM (message) me. Available in Multiple Languages, by Google Translate :D

PowerMTA / Postfix / Postal / MailerQ / SMTP + DNS + MailWizz Support, Setup, Installation, Optimization & Maintenance

Contact at:

Why Order Me:
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 10/10 Score on Mail-Tester.com
  • Complete DNS Settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS/PTR, FDNS, MX)
  • MTA (Message Transfer Agent) Multiple Choices
  • EMA (Email Marketing Application) Configuration
  • Warmup Guides
  • Support Services
  • Gmail Inbox Delivery



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I just started working with Osjtya having set up Mailwizz configuration, authentication and smtp. Great job, fast and efficient! I just signed up for monthly support with Osjtya because I'm confident my email delivery is in good hands!
By far one of the best techs on MW. I have been using MW since 2014 in the early days and seen this forum grow substantially. If you need a hand look no further @Osjtya can help.
Thanks Osjtya for setting up everything for me. You know what you're doing and It is a real pleasure working with you.

You delivered what you promised and in a record time . I was up and running from scratch in about 24 hours.....amazing!
Great guy to work with, for sure I will send some clients over because not just that he delivered but also had patience to answer all my questions (and trust me I am a bugger when I wanna understand something)!
Just want to drop a message here.

This Osjtya is truly expert in PMTA, MailWizz and Bulk Mail Server system. I just returned from abroad and required a quick tech advice. Osjtya promptly gave me great advice on my MW system. I will use his service in the future, and would recommend anyone who is looking for real help. He is very reliable IT professional. Thanks
After trying out different people on and off this forum, @Osjtya turned out to be the guy we were looking for !
His strategic as well as technical know-how definitely helped us to take our business to next level.
Nothing more to say, he's an one stop solution :)

I already installed mailwizz on some other domain but after months I left it idle cause of issues, I hope you can help me reinstall mailwizz and solve any issue if it has and help me optimize the settings.

Can you PM me the cost? I am on a budget :D so good to see that you put it in bold letters already

@twisted1919 Thanks! :):D:eek::oops: (my mixed emotions) Thanks to everyone and especially you for being MailWizz proactive inventor, support ninja & inspiring person!
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He did a great job, highly knowledgable on MW and mailing, servers, finished the installation fast.
I asked him many tech questions and he answered it very promptly and cleared any doubts I had.

Will definitely hire him on my upcoming projects :)
What can i say??

Finally i got to work with @Osjtya and i can say that you wont regret asking them for help.

My new server was setup in record time, also they went through my Mailwizz install and fixed any issues while also setting up Customer groups sending servers, Bounce servers etc.

Once they finished they took time to spend with me going through everything until i understood it all myself.

There was issues with some of the IP Addresses i had been given by my host and @Osjtya worked with me until these got sorted.

For the initial layout this is well worth the investment. I actually made back the money i paid out before he had finished setting everything up. I did a once off deal on FB for a one time payment and had enough people take me up on it to pay for everything.

I am planning on using there services again soon once i am up and running. I'm planning on getting them to do maintanence on my severs once i have my business up and running. IM also going to buy a dedicated server and move my Mailwizz install onto it with up to 256 IP addresses attached.

You can guess who i will be getting to do this for me

Thanks again @Osjtya
Hi All!

I got a chance to work @Osjtya

It was very pleasant Experience. Everything was done perfectly in time and with ethics. He responded to each and every questions, and me understand everything very clearly.

He is one of the best guys i have dealt so far. Everything was done very nicely. I had some issues with my servers and he helped me to solve everything! :)

Go for him!
Worked with @Osjtya. This guy did an awesome work by installing the full infrastructure and granted everything I've asked.
Highly recommend to work with him. :)