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I would like to say a massive thank you to @Osjtya for setting up the servers and the whole out going SMTP setup. I have been running servers for the last 15 years and that was the smoothest and quickest setup from start to finish I have seen ever! Well worth the time, energy and money. Thank you again and I will using your services now to manage my other hosting servers and email sending servers.


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Osjtya did an excellent job installing and configuring MailWizz, PMTA and all the settings needed. Very fast, was finished within 24 hours! I highly recommend Osjtya. Thanks again :)


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Excellent guy.
This time i was not the easiest customer, but he did a great job.
Done under 24hrs , simple and fast skype support , high technical knowledge.
He is now one who i trust on this.



Settings & Setup looked complex to me and didn't have such long time to discover how to do.. Thanks to Namit (Osjtya) he did everything nicely for me too. He has the "Know-How"....
I preferred a VPS and an Amazon SES. Of course this depends on your needs.
He was free and completed the tasks within 12 hours, even less. Perfect settings , and even he did DKIM. DKIM is a technical standard for email authentication… So your emails get inbox delivery.
I definitely recommend him! ;);)


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Awesome guy to work with :) he is highly profesional, know his stuff and on top of that his setup delivery is one of the fastest I ever experienced... I already made 3 mailing rigs with him and looking to make several more in close future.. Cheers :)


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Hi :)

If you need any help with PowerMTA / Postfix / Postal / Amazon SES + DNS + MailWizz Support, Setup, Installation, Optimization & Maintenance ping me on Skype or PM on this forum.



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Thanks for the excellent work. Message sending options have increased, and the first attempts have reached mail inbox. Well-invested money - of course along with software. Thanks again to both @twisted1919 and @Osjtya


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@Osjtya Can you help me where i can i VPS that can send 50,000 email a day

Hey Guys,

I'm working with MailWizz from very beginning and seen it impressively evolve over time by @twisted1919 (Thanks for being support ninja ;)). So, I'm in this email marketing and managing MTAs for over years now. I'm currently working on One-time, Weekly and Monthly plans, as per your convenience at very low prices. Trust me on that bold!

You can anytime connect with me for help :) For further conversation PM (message) me. Available in Multiple Languages, by Google Translate :D

PowerMTA / Postfix / Postal + DNS + MailWizz Support, Setup, Installation, Optimization & Maintenance




Yes, I also confirm He is happy to help finding errors or optimize settings!
He doesn't say I don't care after setting up your mailwizz. He cares about long term business.
So, @Thomas Boerre I can say you made a good decision to prefer his service. ;)


Hi, we have worked recently with him and all I can say is that it's been a pleasure ! very nice and serious professional guy !

We will keep working with him for sure !

Thanks mate ;)


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This is the right person if you need a fast and reliable setup of your mail server.
Professional approach and fast work. For a few hours he managed to set everything up and the system worked very well.
I strongly recommend!