1. D

    Do I need to buy another licence if I move servers?

    Hello everyone I would like to install mailwizz on a test server before installing it on production. It however asks for a key on installation. If i used this key on the test server, would I have to buy it again, when I'm finally ready to move to production?
  2. L

    Need Help Installing Mailwizz for Consumer Use - HELP.

    Please skype me asap if you are able to help with full installation, to allow us to run mailwizz similar to mail SKYPE - Thanks Louis
  3. A

    Issues After Migration To New Domain

    Hi! I am facing a problem after migrating to new domain. Steps I followed: 1. Fresh install of Mailwizz on new domain. 2. After fresh install I created backend and it was working fine. 3. Uploaded database.sql file through phpmyadmin (I am using Mailwizz Backup Manager) 4. Deleted old install...
  4. E

    Unable to install MailWizz

    I am stuck on the welcome page of the installation process. I put in all my license info and click next, the post request is made, and then I am back to the same page with no error or anything. I've already gone through the help articles and make my session folder writable, which didn't help...
  5. O

    PowerMTA PMTA Gmail Inbox SMTP Postfix Postal DNS Support Setup Installation Optimize Maintenance

    Hey Guys, I'm working with MailWizz from very beginning and seen it impressively evolve over time by @twisted1919 (Thanks for being support ninja ;)). So, I'm in this email marketing and managing MTAs for over years now because I'm Server Admin at one of the Tier 3 Datacenter. I'm currently...
  6. Pat Friedl

    Documentation for setup?

    I've seen some videos for MailWizz on YouTube that are very much out of date and that's about it for documentation. Is there any step by step guide for setting up Amazon SES with MailWizz? I need explanations of the fields - is the from email the same for every single account? Is it the same...
  7. L

    Installation issues - please help

    Hi, I'm having issues with installing script. I'm installing a script in wordpress and it's in the wp-content folder. When I go to my domain. it does not run. Please help
  8. K

    Aws elastic beanstalk

    While trying to install Mailwiz on Aws beanstalk that the requirement error I get. how do I proceed. Thanks
  9. R

    MailWizz Installation

    Need help with installation. Contact me at Thank you, Lazz
  10. Eric Bobrow

    Set up MailWizz on my shared server

    I recently purchased MailWizz for my client and need to get this set up and running. While I am an experienced web developer, I don't have time to learn all of the details of getting this going. The client has a basic, budget hosting account; this is not a dedicated server. I'd like to hire...