Drag & Drop Email Editor


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Sorry to beat a dead horse here, I've searched the forums as best as a couple but couldn't see a definitive answer about this....

What happened with the whole talks of implementing a Drag & Drop email editor?

In this thread there was talk from the developer that they were trying to implement this plugin and although they were able to get it working apparently, the plugin developer refused to give permission to include it into Mailwizz.

The last post in that thread says the "conclusion has been made" and points to another thread but the link leads to a 404. What happened with this? Are we able to buy that plugin on our own and use it? Has there been edits to Mailwizz to make implementing it easy?

As of right now, is the only viable option for a drag and drop builder the Mbuilder extension? I looked over their thread and the most recent comments have a number of people complaining about various issues and support times which makes me weary if it's something that will actually work "out of the box" or if it needs another few months or so to mature before used on a live installation.

I also saw a couple other options like BlockBuilder, this other drag and drop editor, and a number of random people posting within threads that they have one for sale and to PM them for details but these all seem to be dead projects.

I'm curious if anyone knows what's going on with this and/or if the admin can make an official statement about this key feature a lot of the community seems to be interested in.