drag and drop builder

  1. Blake Bridge

    I have a custom template library for sale

    Hi all mailwizzers I have a unique template library for sale. Its 18 custom designed , drag n drop templates built with the drag n drop extension code canyon. I'm asking 500 usd (PayPal or payoner) for the entire library. If you run an email marketing company and want to offer well crafted...
  2. Blake Bridge

    Designer to create 18 Toggle Builder Tempates

    Hello, Im an ESP looking to develop 18 high quality templates for my clients to use when building campaigns. These templates were originally built three years ago for use in Sendy but now that I am moving the service to Mailwizz we must recreate these templates. Here is the link to the current...
  3. J

    Email Template

    How do I toggle to the drag and drop builder I'm trying to create a template?
  4. Fiorino

    New Drag&Drop Editor for Mailwizz on Codecanyon

    Hi, only to inform that I have developed a drag&drop editor for mailwizz, see at https://codecanyon.net/item/dragdrop-editor-for-mailwizz-ema/20240584
  5. twisted1919

    Development of Drag and Drop editor.

    Hi guys, This is already a over rated subject, but i like to keep you guys informed and let you know that these days we signed a development contract with a company specialised into building drag and drop editors and they started development on our own Drag and Drop builder which should be done...
  6. J

    Drag & Drop Email Editor

    Sorry to beat a dead horse here, I've searched the forums as best as a couple but couldn't see a definitive answer about this.... What happened with the whole talks of implementing a Drag & Drop email editor? In this thread there was talk from the developer that they were trying to implement...
  7. Jatin Sahani

    Drag & Drop Builder Extension "Your thoughts" ?

    Hi Guys, Me & my partner in collaboration is planning to launch an extension based drag & drop builder with very minor modification to couple of files & database in MW. So my question is how many of you will be willing to buy this extension, This is just to gather some information/data on our...
  8. Allante Johnson

    Lead Generation Integration

    Clean Lead Generation Intergration with MailWizz: Check it out. Im loving the new design, looks more minimal and very appealing clean look. Integration is looking good with the new update. Very excited to implement this feature for my clients PM me to learn how to do this. ;) Also can set...
  9. S

    Drag and drop extension

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for drag and drop extension. Once twisted1916 was shared demo of drag and drop editor extension, but can't find this file. Maybe someone have extension file and can share with me :) I'm looking for learning purpose to integrate mosaico drag and drop editor.
  10. Sergio Brusisi

    Drag And Drop Builder Ready! Enter Here

    El constructor web de arrastrar y soltar se encuentra listo! Valor $220 Pesos Argentinos - Dolares aprox - U$S 15 Se encuentra creado en ambos idiomas - ESPAÑOL E INGLES Para comprar el plugin visite el siguiente link http://www.sergiob.com/clientes/cart.php?a=add&pid=71 Pagando por Paypal...