Server Time Problem


Hi there,
I have a problem with server time settings.
I have set mailwizz to New York timezone
I set the timezone in php.ini to America / New York

when I run # date the server outputs a servertime about ten hours later.

When sending test mail to I get the warning: Receive time is 6 to 12 hours later than send time
But when I send a test mail to myself it shows up as if I received it ten hours before I sent it

spamhouse doesn't like that at all.

I am very confused about this and don't know what to do to get this straightened out. Any help to offer anyone?
Would be very thankful
I might add that mailwizz is not using the time zone I set in my account (and in backend too) but something totally different.
Mailwizz time 11:25 am on Oct 27th
New York time 06:25 pm on Oct 27th
Server time 01:25 pm on Oct 28th
beats me. Where does mw take that time from?
@rritz - see my reply in your other thread. If you don't fix it like that, please open a support ticket so i can have a look.