1. Z

    regular campaign (via RSS) is not generated at the time of sending?

    I set up a recurring campaign to send an email with the content of a daily post with the summary of the crypto market. the post is published from Monday to Friday, until 7 pm. thus, I configured the system so that the email was sent at 8 pm. the email is configured with these variables...
  2. Colt405

    Recurring Campaign Time / Timezone Issue

    The time is setup perfectly at the server level as well as the php level but MailWizz is still reporting the system time as 5 hours before. This is impacting the recurring function but is not impacting the campaign manual send.
  3. rritz

    Server Time Problem

    Hi there, I have a problem with server time settings. I have set mailwizz to New York timezone I set the timezone in php.ini to America / New York when I run # date the server outputs a servertime about ten hours later. When sending test mail to mail-tester.com I get the warning: Receive...