1. M

    Test Emails->INBOX / Campaign send->SPAM

    Hey guys, I am using amazon ses with mailwizz . I used it to send newsletters to various providers and it worked just fine. With outlook & office 365 is a different story. After creating the campaign if I send a test email it goes to inbox: But when I send the email from a campaign then it...
  2. S

    Landing in inbox AND spam?

    Hi! So I setup my delivery servers and sending domains on MW (including SPF and DKIM). The email to verify the server landed in my inbox - I thought 'great!' But then when I went to test sending a campaign, email went straight to spam... Content was very conversational and no links included...
  3. P

    Security issue: Spam over /index.php/lists/XYZ/subscribe

    Hi, we have spam issues over a certain URL because it allows direct POST-Requests. The system has the ability to create subscribe forms. All these forms post their data to this URL: "/index.php/lists/XYZ/subscribe". The issue with that is, that bots easily mass-post email addresses to that URL...
  4. M

    Gmail's Suspicious links message

    Hi guys. I am helping with sending an email newsletter for a price comparison site. It's good content, with no spam stuff. Just tells people how they can resolve their moisture problems at home. Well, it turns out Gmail is giving a warning message any time someone clicks the link in my email...
  5. Pat Friedl

    Emails started going to GMail spam - no idea why

    I've been sending emails slowly using only SendGrid and MailGun (only a couple hundred per day) and out of nowhere, our emails are starting to hit the spam folder. We're sending some very simple cold emails (nothing that we thought was spammy) using plenty of spintax, no content that triggers...
  6. Jota

    Hotmail and Gmail Domain SPAM marks

    Hi, Before of all allow me to explain, we're a very small web agency, and we have been working with Sendy and SES for some time. We've been sending very small campaigns to small lists (always double opt/in) with a generic domain of us ( until some day, accidentally, we sent...
  7. O

    receive emails in junk folder

    Hi, we are trying to sending champagnes from our mailwizz. When trying to send emails to gmail and hotmail we receive emails in junk emails but when we try sending emails without mailwizz in normal the emails received in inbox without any problem . this is very urgent and should be fix ASAP...
  8. T

    A part of code on my email cause to be blocked by recipients

    They informed me from my hosting provider, that a block of code on my email (sending through MailWizz) is causing my emails to be marked as spam. They told me that my emails have been reported by multiple providers (such as Yahoo or Comcast) as containing spam. This caused my email account...
  9. A

    email always marked spam

    Hey everyone, Am I the only one that whenever sends an email to hotmail or gmail, it lands in junk !! I even created an account with elasticemail and sendgrid, and sent emails from their own platform using their email creation tools and email also landed in junk box ! I even tried several...
  10. pradeep sharma

    Offering Gmail In-boxing Consultation+Domain Warmup & IP Warmup Service(Guarantied Inboxing)

    Hi Guys, I am offering my Gmail In boxing Consultation to anyone who is struggling in Gmail In boxing. for Consultation Kindly Skype : sexy_virus2 Here is some of the screen where you can check My Gmail Inboxing also if you want to check My Inboxing Power then Kindly join me on Skype i ll send...
  11. sendizo

    MailWizz Email Original Header

    Hello guys, hope you all doing good. Email Content Filters checks the the full message including header. I know From name, From email, subject, domain, urls, X-Static-Headers, behaviour...etc can cause deliverability problems some filtering and rejection. It was in my understanding that if i...
  12. F

    Low delivarability problem

    Hello, I purchased Mailwizz two months ago. I had problems in configuring it, but after reading through these forum, I was able to install on and configured everything including cron jobs (though I am not sure if I configured properly) I sent my first email campaign using 4...
  13. Fabyc

    Is there a report in MW in where to see how many emails recipients set as spam?

    Hi, I was looking for in MW about a report in where I can see how many emails of a campaign the recipient set as spam. Someone knows about it? Thanks
  14. rritz

    Server Time Problem

    Hi there, I have a problem with server time settings. I have set mailwizz to New York timezone I set the timezone in php.ini to America / New York when I run # date the server outputs a servertime about ten hours later. When sending test mail to I get the warning: Receive...
  15. Ankit

    What happens on email spam / complaint report?

    When an email reports spam/ complaint what happens to that email? Is it marked as Spam or Blacklisted or Unsubscribed in the email list?
  16. Y

    Configure sending domain to not appear on spam

    Hello, I want to know how can I correctly configure my sending domain SPF while I also have one my cPanel: My currently configuration on cPanel SPF is: 86400 IN TXT v=spf1 So when I send from webmail there's no problem (the signed by and...