1. Z

    command line (cli) export process being killed by the server

    I'm exporting a list of 200.000 addresses via cli. I'm using the following code: php -q /FOLDER_REMOVE/public_html/apps/console/console.php listexport --list_uid=REMOVE --folder_path=/FOLDER_REMOVE/ --verbose=1 however, whenever the file is close to 25%, the export process is killed by the...
  2. S

    Stuck in "Welcome loop" during install under Windows.

    Hi! I would love to use (and be able to recommend) MailWizz. But I'm stuck at install. My Windows 2008 R2 server has a mature execution environment which is running XenForo (like this forum, at and EasyForms (another PHP-based app from Envato), Wordpress (at...
  3. Nikhil Halder

    VPS Server Help

    Hello, I heard about Vultr, OVH or Contabo VPS Server. These are Good For Sending Bulk Email. Vultr: was Suspend My VPS after use OVH: I was trying to register But identify Confirmation is Pending for the last 6 days. I found website. I hope that the Feature of this site is Comfortable...
  4. M

    Failed to create cache directory /tmp/ hash

    Anyone had this issue before? None of my emails send. All say "Giveup" and then cite the reason to be "Failed to create cache directory /tmp/" followed by hash. BTW, how can we delete the campaign delivery logs in the backend? I set Delivery servers logs removal days on 7 but the logs keep...
  5. A

    problem with send mass mails please help me

    hello guys i see your recomondation vps for mailwizz i choose virmach i want to send 30k/h which plan is good for my case :) , now i should to contact support for authorize the send mass mailing or not ? and there is no problem with outgoing port ?! which port i should to use ! :( please replay...
  6. Ann

    Delivery server OR Cheap and best server to run WZ

    Hello, Iam creating this thread because me and other are looking for the same solutions, as Iam using dedimax server for delivery and run MW. As I can see some times their server are out not able to run very perfect. I have another servers with other providers like contabo etc. but comparing...
  7. wissem

    we help you to install Mailwizz

    Hi, if you need a help to install and config Mailwizz ZMA, contact me skype: creationszahra tel / whatsapp : 0021658672267 email :
  8. mpspringer

    High Volume Needed - Low Volume Results

    When using a very simple php/mysql script to take recipient email and produce a merged email as a flat file, my colleague uses an E3-12xx XEON with 16Gb RAM and (most importantly) an SSD of 50Gb or more to produce 2 million flat files / email in around 10 minutes. Moving these to /var/Pickup...
  9. W

    Do not see campaign devilery servers.

    Hi guys, Have been searching all forum. I see this video: But when i want to send an email from customer page I do not see where to choose delivery server? How to choose witch one server to use?
  10. mykelmbuotim

    i need someone to setup my MW solution so it can start sending mails

    i need someone who can do all the necessary setup to get the solution up and runing, thing like the delivery servers for mail sending, cron jobs, activate the frontend and add a landing page, etc. pls you can add me up on skype right now so we get started. i have installed it already.
  11. rritz

    Server Time Problem

    Hi there, I have a problem with server time settings. I have set mailwizz to New York timezone I set the timezone in php.ini to America / New York when I run # date the server outputs a servertime about ten hours later. When sending test mail to I get the warning: Receive...
  12. A

    Best server provider for PowerMTA

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused choosing a vps or a dedicated server to run powermta. Most of the providers doesn't allow bulk mailing. I've been using digitalocean. but they doesn't sell additional IP's & they don't allow bulk mailing on their droplets. It would be so nice if those who...
  13. Fighter26

    What type of server should I send?

    Hello Guys. My name is Max. I am from Russia. Nice to meet you. Who is profi in the field newsletter? Can prompt or throw the link above with information via what "Types of servers" to send plenty and cheap, and better for free? :) My way is using SMTP server with PowerMTA, send through new...
  14. Z

    Bounce not procesing

    Hi guys , When i add my smtp server in customer account bounce is processing,when customer use system smtp server,bounce is not processing. Have you any solutions for this?
  15. Andrea Magrin

    Sender problem with amazon SES

    I've the same problem of this guy: I use two server to send email. Mandrillapp and AMAZON SES With Mandrilapp there are no problem. I've verified every sender email and all work fine Mail wizz send mail From...
  16. T

    Outgoing emails limitation

    Hi, I had an issue with my hosting provider when I sent 500 emails per 30 minutes (totally I sent 2500 emails). I can not blame them if they had such policy, though I am looking for a new hosting company with affordable price to install MailWizz and be able to send 1000 per hour without issues...