Possible To Have Custom Field With Multiple Entries? Ex. Many SKUs

Markus Skupeika

New Member
I am curious, if someone knew a way which we could do the following scenario: (this is assuming the API is setup already on our end)

When Person Purchases From Our 3rd Party Cart:

- We send their contact info into our Customer List (we can do this no issue)
- Then based on Item SKU purchased, we add that data into a Custom Field using API

The challenge is, does one know how to setup custom field so when a contact re-orders again. It does not Overwrite the previous data in the field.

So the field would have the following tags/custom fields:

Custom Field: Purchased
- SKU1
- SKU2
- SKU3

So we could segment our list based upon SKUs.

Any idea if possible with MailWizz. Currently we just just a basic custom field based on the category of product purchased, but wish to track it deeper by SKUs.


You're looking for code or logic :) ? If it's logic, then it should be simple. The SKU field should be a text area custom field. Each time a subscriber purchases something, fetch the value of that field, concatenate the new SKU value to the existing data and update the field with new data. Ex. if SKU001 was already there for a customer and he purchased another item SKU002, then get the field value SKU001, concatenate to form something like SKU001-SKU002 and update the field with the new merged data. Then you can segment the list by using "contains/not contains" operators. That way many combinations you can make. If it's the code you're looking for, API freaks here may help you out. :)