custom field

  1. P

    Outgoing webhook (subscriber's custom fields request)

    I`m trying to set up outgoing webhooks from Mailwizz to Bitrix24 CRM sending contact information of subscribers who clicked links. Mailwizz sends subscriber`s e-mail via webhook and Bitrix24 CRM receive it correctly now. There are some custom fields (custom tags) for subscribers, such as NAME...
  2. V

    Autoresponder based on custom field

    Sorry I it was already asked, but I didn't find any topic about it. Is there a way to trigger an Autoresponder campaign based on a date custom field? Or a way to create Autoresponder trigger ourselves?
  3. Clark

    Registraition Feilds New - Custom?

    Please close thread.
  4. Filipe Silva

    Custom Field Datetime Default Value

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom field to store the "Last Activity Date" from each subscriber. The idea is to stop sending emails to subscribers that are "dead" - this is a best practice from the market to avoid spam traps (abandoned mailbox that are transformed into spam traps, for instance)...
  5. Colt405

    Custom Field for List Segmentation Triggered by Send Instead of Open

    Currently, MW has the ability to update a custom field based on an open. I would like to be able to update that custom field based on a 'send' instead of an open. The idea is to utilize one list per industry and take the customer through four email contacts, each contact is sent based on the...
  6. HostingTEK

    Custom Field values on change

    After changing one custom field structure, it is not possible to change existing values of that field on subscribers. For example, editing a list like this: old table: FNAME;LNAME;EMAIL;ROLE(multi value: CEO,CTO,DEV) containing a subscriber with this values: John;Snow;;DEV new...
  7. D

    Existing mail list, adding new custom field with value

    Hi, I have a list with 100 000 emails and what I need is to add new custom field with value but when I create the filed and enter the default value it remains empty for all emails. Is there a fast way to add that field and value without importing the same list with defined value in csv
  8. Markus Skupeika

    Possible To Have Custom Field With Multiple Entries? Ex. Many SKUs

    I am curious, if someone knew a way which we could do the following scenario: (this is assuming the API is setup already on our end) When Person Purchases From Our 3rd Party Cart: - We send their contact info into our Customer List (we can do this no issue) - Then based on Item SKU purchased...