1. J

    Tag [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] won't change after I changed company website address.

    Hi Mailwizz team, Thanks for the good work. I've got two questions based on my recent use of the software, I'd appreciate it if you could offer some insights. One of my customers changed her company website in the "My Account" setting, but every time she sends an email, with the...
  2. F

    A few questions

    Dear all, I just bought a license for Mailwizz and did some testing around. I must say, its really a great tool. Thanks to the developpers ! Here are my questions. I already search around but didn't find any answers. In the template editor, you can add a block for social sharing. I noticed...
  3. Joe Wehrens

    Where to edit the default tags ?

    Hi, When sending out emails, the tag for Unsubscribe is displayed correctly, however web version and update details give me the raw link. So I am guessing I am missing the labels for those links. Where to edit those ?
  4. ElJefe

    Submit button on [UPDATE_PROFILE] page missing domain name

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a process to have recipients on an imported list confirm their subscription by opting-in. I made a test message with a link using the [UPDATE_PROFILE] shortcode as the link target. This works well. The list uses the new GDPR checkbox field to make the user give...
  5. D

    Arrange Common campaign template tags

    I was wondering if there is a way by which we can arrange the Common campaign template tags. I want to enable only three tags. The third one is in the bottom i.e. FName. Is there any way by which this can be shown in the top 3 of required and not required tags go down or something. If FName is...
  6. G

    Custom tag and other tag using in "From name" in Campaign setup

    How i can using Custom tag and other tag using in "From name" in Campaign setup? @twisted1919 https://prnt.sc/gasd3i
  7. G


    CURRENT_DOMAIN and CURRENT_DOMAIN_URL using @twisted1919, Hi! I have 4 smtp with 4 difirent domains. 1. mallira1.com 2. mallira2.net 3. mallira3.org 4. mallira4.info What and how to configure it so that the message sent through the first smtp, when I use the tags [CURRENT_DOMAIN] and...
  8. R

    Customize customers

    Hello By default the [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] and [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] tags are required in the template. Is it possible for tags to be mandatory, only for some customers?
  9. Dan O'Shea


    I created a new customer in the back end. When she creates a new template, she has filled out her profile name and company name. However, at the bottom it is filling in with my name and address. I've looked at her Company Information and Company Name but it still populates with my information...
  10. G

    Custom tag wrong

    Dear members, look please on my screenshot and say me what is wrong on my custom tag creation. I dont know... And what must in the content area from this new tag? HTML code or what? Thanks the lot!!!
  11. P


    Hi I'm currently adding tags but when sending it doesn't resolve. Can't find anywhere in the settings to fix it! Also, I've added the default footer in Settings --> Customers --> Campaigns but does not seem to resolve either after sendout. Am I missing a setting somewhere to enable this?
  12. P

    Custom Tags

    Hi, I am trying to create a certain variety of footers. I am doing this with custom tags as it seems the most logical way of doing it. Though, I'm encountering a missing feature. Why don't you enable html/css in custom tags? Also media attach engines? It would be great if this was possible the...
  13. Markus Skupeika

    Possible To Have Custom Field With Multiple Entries? Ex. Many SKUs

    I am curious, if someone knew a way which we could do the following scenario: (this is assuming the API is setup already on our end) When Person Purchases From Our 3rd Party Cart: - We send their contact info into our Customer List (we can do this no issue) - Then based on Item SKU purchased...
  14. Jeff Spicher

    Display fallback value for missing tag values

    Hello guys, l have a question -- is it possible to have a "default" or fallback value for custom tags if they are empty? For example, l understand that [FNAME] pulls in the subscriber's first name, but what if that happens to be blank for a particular subscriber, is it possible to just display...
  15. B

    Dealing with blank tags

    Is there a way so that you can use a default text string if an available tag contains nothing? For example if you were starting an email addressed to a company, and some of the subscribers in the list have their company name, whilst others dont; Would it be possible to address the email to "Your...