1. D

    Trouble POSTing Form Fill Data to Mailwizz API & a Ping Tree at Same Time

    Hey All, I have a lead generation business and I'm trying to post the form fill data to my ping tree (with cURL) and then also to Mailwizz DB with the PHP sdk example provided by Twisted. However it's not working... I can process each of them separately, but when I combine them on the same...
  2. C

    Creating subscriber through API fails with "{"status":"error","error":"Page not found."}"

    What am i missing here? curl -X POST -H "X-MW-TIMESTAMP: 1642763346" -H "x-mw-public-key: keystring" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" https://mailwizzhost123.com/api/index.php/lists/qv508ht02bcfb/subscribers/create -d "EMAIL=email@domain.com&FNAME=leonard&LNAME=pringle"...
  3. Ludovic

    Custom endpoints for MailWizz administration

    Hi there On the advice of @twisted1919 in this thread https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/api-more-customers-endpoints.7976/ i'm searching for a developer to create custom endpoints for MailWizz administration for me. Precisely the creation of new customers (see screenshot). Let me know if...
  4. J

    Mailwizz API customization with Java experience

    Hello, Looking for a mailwizz expert that has experience with the MW API. Our team developed a Java spring boot web application that requires connection to the mailwizz server by API. For example using API to - Create campaigns, email volume, adding lists, adding subscribers into...
  5. D

    Sending Variable Data in Template Using API Nodejs

    Hi All, We have started to use maillWizz for our marketing campaigns. This platform is very fantastic. We found out that from this platform we can do more than what we need. We got Queries in relation to the transactional email from maillWizz. Our Requirement is as follow: Main thing that...
  6. Ludovic

    Display the total number of subscribers who are in a list

    Hi there, I just stumbled across the PyCoders subscription page and below their form, there is the number of newsletter subscribers displayed I was wondering if via the API, there would be a way to do the same with MailWizz? I'm under WordPress, I can imagine a little snippet that would...
  7. T

    AJAX subscribe receiving 403 error with Expression Engine

    I'm trying to implement the AJAX subscribe based on the code from the '/vendor/ems-api/php-client/example' folder. However, I just get a 403 error in the browser console when I click the "submit" button, and on the website nothing appears to happen. I have MailWhizz installed on a different...
  8. Mayakovskii

    Is it possible to run bulk create / update API request?

    Hi guys, I noted that MailWizz allows only bulk creation by API, but bulk Create does not update existing users, it simply skip them. Also, MW has API function Create/Update - that allows updating each user one-by-one... Running script to update each user one-by-one takes suuuuuuper long... I...
  9. I

    General API Key

    Hello to all, I have recently installed Mailwizz on my server, I have to connect it to a site made in WordPress through a plugin that asks me for a Secret Api Key, a Public Api Key and the API Url. When I log into Mailwizz as a customer in the relevant API section to get the key, the system only...
  10. M

    Create Campaign API Add Smtp

    Which parameter should be added in the create function for the mailwizz api to work. // CREATE CAMPAIGN $response = $endpoint->create([ 'name' => 'My API Campaign', // required 'type' => 'regular', // optional: regular or autoresponder 'from_name' => 'John...
  11. J

    API Illegal string offset 'content'

    Hello, I'm using the API for a couple of years to generate campaigns. The code is in a php file called by a bigger script that deals with a couple of steps before to generate the content. Recently I modified the code to generate 2 identical campaigns for 2 lists, with the lists IDs in an array...
  12. K

    Get Stats for all campaigns from the API

    It is possible to get stats across all campaigns via the API? I'm looking to build out a simple dashboard and get this information from MailWizz automatically via an API or some other mechanism. - Average click rate - Average open rate - Unsubscribe rate over the last 30 days - Number of new...
  13. P

    How do Deleted entirely a domain via API?

    I need to delete hundreds of domains, my domains list looks like this: @tld.com @tld2.com @tld3.com How can I do it via API? Thank you very much.
  14. O

    API Access

    HI All, MY client just logged in to his account and he called me and asked " where do I see the API info / credentials". I logged in as him but I dont see it; I have made sure the plan he is on has the API access turned on and still dont see it. Thank you in advanced.
  15. K

    Your IP address is not allowed to access this server

    Hello, we have an updated MailWizz installation in a cPanel server, we created API keys and getting "Your IP address is not allowed to access this server" error when trying to access from external WordPress plugin Layered Popups- We used in the plugin the URL https://mailwizzsite.com/api but...
  16. L

    CROSS platform API

    https://github.com/thangtx/mailwizzphpapi-wrap https://api-docs.mailwizz.com/ Been trying to integrate some sort of list importation, campaign activation automation with my own Ruby on rails app. my problem with mailwizz api is that it is only limited to php, i also tried the wrapper provided...
  17. B

    Amazon SES API vs SMTP

    Anyone know how to get the API Credentials to configure the Amazon SES API? I am using the SMTP because I literally can not even find how to get the API Keys in the AWS Console. Thanks Bill
  18. Torsten Högel

    API Documentation / Swagger File

    Hey there, I've seen on your other app the following swagger documentation: https://demo.safeshareapp.com/api/index.php/docs/index Is in Mailwizz something like this implemented or the possibility to create such swagger file for an easier api documentation? Best Regards Torsten
  19. E

    Subscriber status corresponding to campaign via API

    Hi, I am using API's for my app integration with mailwizz. I have created an autoresponder campaign with autoresponder_event AFTER-SUBSCRIBE. At a given point of time I want to know if campaign has been sent to all the subscribers of the corresponding list (either bounce/successful doesn't matter).
  20. rtmsolutions

    API - Create New Subscriber

    I used the API to create a new subscriber, and Mailwizz sent out a confirmation email .... because the list was set to Double Opt-in. I wish to retain the Double Opt-in for anyone becoming a subscriber via an opt-in form ... but I would expect that a new subscriber that I added via the API to...