1. K

    Your IP address is not allowed to access this server

    Hello, we have an updated MailWizz installation in a cPanel server, we created API keys and getting "Your IP address is not allowed to access this server" error when trying to access from external WordPress plugin Layered Popups- We used in the plugin the URL https://mailwizzsite.com/api but...
  2. L

    CROSS platform API

    https://github.com/thangtx/mailwizzphpapi-wrap https://api-docs.mailwizz.com/ Been trying to integrate some sort of list importation, campaign activation automation with my own Ruby on rails app. my problem with mailwizz api is that it is only limited to php, i also tried the wrapper provided...
  3. B

    Amazon SES API vs SMTP

    Anyone know how to get the API Credentials to configure the Amazon SES API? I am using the SMTP because I literally can not even find how to get the API Keys in the AWS Console. Thanks Bill
  4. Torsten Högel

    API Documentation / Swagger File

    Hey there, I've seen on your other app the following swagger documentation: https://demo.safeshareapp.com/api/index.php/docs/index Is in Mailwizz something like this implemented or the possibility to create such swagger file for an easier api documentation? Best Regards Torsten
  5. E

    Subscriber status corresponding to campaign via API

    Hi, I am using API's for my app integration with mailwizz. I have created an autoresponder campaign with autoresponder_event AFTER-SUBSCRIBE. At a given point of time I want to know if campaign has been sent to all the subscribers of the corresponding list (either bounce/successful doesn't matter).
  6. rtmsolutions

    API - Create New Subscriber

    I used the API to create a new subscriber, and Mailwizz sent out a confirmation email .... because the list was set to Double Opt-in. I wish to retain the Double Opt-in for anyone becoming a subscriber via an opt-in form ... but I would expect that a new subscriber that I added via the API to...
  7. rtmsolutions

    API - Create Custom Fields

    Looking through the API Documentation, I can't see a way to create custom fields for a list ... there only seems to be an endpoint to get a list of the fields. Is there a createFields endpoint available?
  8. twisted1919

    API Documentation website

    Hi guys, In the last few days we worked on a dedicated website to showcase MailWizz's API and it's abilities. The site is targeted to developers and tried to make it easy to understand what you can do with the API. You can find it at https://api-docs.mailwizz.com/ Enjoy.
  9. Moha

    Problem : Sending from API

    Hello I tried to send email from api trough example code result is : [email_uid] => yz8353nay50d1 [customer_id] => 1 [to_email] => moha46@***.com [to_name] => John Doe...
  10. A

    API Documentation?

    HI! I'm looking for any documentation for the API, Where might one find these?
  11. J

    API - Not able to Ass Subscribe to Existing List

    I have been trying to get MailList API to work. Have created php script called addemail.php. The script has the following:- // require the setup which has registered the autoloader require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/setup.php'; // CREATE THE ENDPOINT $endpoint = new...
  12. R

    Creating Custom Fields Using the API

    Hi, I saw back in 2015 someone asked the same question and at the time the API wasn't supporting this feature. I was wondering if it has now been implemented into the API. I had a quick look through the API endpoints and didn't find anything so I though I'd ask on here...
  13. R

    Using API to create list, single opt-in option

    Hi, I am just wondering how I can set the list to have single opt-in when I create it using the API Thanks Luke
  14. Joseph smith

    Select specific Delivery server for transactional by API

    Hi guys, is there a way to select or specify the transactional delivery server id sending by API in the same way as CREATION CAMPAIGN BY API. I checked inside the code but I'm seeing you have something that pick up automatically the server to send therefore this is why you prompt "Use...
  15. Samy Zee

    Error When Signing Up Via API

    Hey All, When i try to subscribe using the api it gives me this error "Operation timed out after 30000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received" I would truly appreciate any clarification about this.
  16. Joseph smith

    Creating campaign throught api "Filter_open"

    Hi there, Before to start let me lay in this comment good work here because it's an awesome app using YII 1, it's incredible no words to describe it, it has some much potential... So, my question is I think very easy but I didn't found where it is... if I create a campaign using Unopen/ Open...
  17. T

    Double Opt-Out via API

    Is there already a way to use the API for Double Opt-Out? unsubscribeByEmail (as documented) is totally silent and ignores the Double Opt-out.
  18. M

    API - Subscribe user to list error

    Hi. I'm trying a simple call to API to subscribe a new user to an existing lists. require_once BASEPATH . "path/to/mailwizz/setup/class/"; $listUid = 'unique_id_of_the_list_in_wizzmail'; $endpoint = new MailWizzApi_Endpoint_ListSubscribers(); $response = $endpoint->create($listUid, array(...
  19. B

    Angular 5 Mailwizz Service Integration

    I'm looking to get some help on creating an Angular 5 injectable service for MailWizz. Any help or direction would be appreciated. It appears I'm struggling most with the HttpHeaders that should be passed to make the lists request. Thanks!
  20. adamx

    API - subscription form - checkbox values

    Hello, I've been trying a lot to get this working but I am forced to ask for help here. So, for the checkboxes, the value is sent ok with: 'ORIENT' => isset($_POST['ORIENT']) ? $_POST['ORIENT'] : null, and the form with: <div class="data"> <label for="ORIENT_0"><input...