Opens are only tracked when a link is clicked

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Hey Forum,

tests show, that my opens only are being tracked once I click. Right after the click, the opens show. If I open but do not click the opens remain as zero.

Any idea why that happens?



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If the email client that receives the email blocks remote images, then the open cannot be tracked. MailWizz will compensate this by tracking the open via clicks.
This generally happens if the email client things you are an unknown sender, so you need to explicitly allow loading remote images. Also, do some tests at and see your score as well and see things you can improve.

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I used a standard gmail account for testing

My reputation is pretty good. I really worked on it pretty hard over the last few weeks.

If this happens to my gmail it will happen to a lot of accounts, correct? Since many people out there use gmail.

I only want to continue sending to people who opened my welcome email.

Is there a workaround maybe, so that I can ensure to send to active people only?


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I also found out that my microsoft outlook is disabling images. Maybe this does not happen everywhere?

Is that tracking of opens working the same way at aweber or get response? (With images/pixels?)

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So, is there anything I can optimize or can I start the warmup now?

I opened my emails on my phone. There the opens are tracked without clicking...