Need help for campaign option


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Hello. I want to know an explanation how campaign option work. I have a 2.7m list and I want to start a warmup process with this list. Let say I want to send today only 5k from my list. If I set max subscribers 5000 for today and start the campaign this mean after 5000 emails the campaign will stop? What about if tomorrow I want to send another 5000 emails from the same list, will the process start from where I left? so ignore the first 5000 emails I have sent and start to 5001 and stop to 10000? If not, any idea how to do this process? any extension? I don't want to split some a big list into 5k or 10k emails and do the warmup because I don't want to mess up my subscribers and do some mistake and get penalised. thank you.
My only suggestion would be when using the maximum email rate a minute is to limit your list to almost a few emails a minute if you want to avoid triggering and being blacklisted (temporary or permanently) by major ISPs. You can then fine tune and increase it as and when needed.
Best is to simply set a daily limit on the delivery server, then each day adjust the limit as needed.
Yes, but if I set daily limit then this means the script will send 1 email in x minute to balance the sending? or if I set let say hourly quota 16000 then the script will respect this hourly quota and will split the sending of 5000 emails I have set daily in x seconds for the max sending hourly quota. ? Sorry, maybe I'm confusing you with my question :D
@Proweb - mailwizz will try to send the emails as fast as possible. However, there is a setting in the delivery server where you can specify how many microseconds to pause between the sends ;)