1. Groundarker

    Problem with Custom Field + suggestion

    Dear guys, I want to reiterate that you have really done a beautiful job. I want to report a small problem regarding the automatic filling of custom fields. For example: 1) I created for a list the custom field “DATE LAST OPEN EMAIL” 2) During the campaign planning phase, I entered in the...
  2. J

    List Segmentation and Conditions

    Hello, i have a question: I have a database with a list of guests that went to events; The fields are Name, Email, Event Name, Event City. There are some guests that went to more than one event. My problem is: i want to send a campaign to guests filtering then by events, how can i do that on...
  3. T

    Update users data based on survey answer

    Hello everyone and Happy new year! I read the KB of Mailwizz but I wasn't able to find this answer. I want to send a survey and update the user's information based on his answers to the survey. Or I need, also, to be able to segment the list based on the users' answers. For example, I ask...
  4. João Reis

    segment by date bigger than

    Can I compare dates in segment section? Thanks in advance
  5. nadworks

    better/easier segmentation

    Loving MailWizz - however I keep hitting brick walls with its rather limited segmentation. List management is miles easier with comprehensive segmentation, rather than having to create multiple lists. Example: I need to target people who have clicked on a specific link. With GDPR in Europe...
  6. Proweb

    Need help for campaign option

    Hello. I want to know an explanation how campaign option work. I have a 2.7m list and I want to start a warmup process with this list. Let say I want to send today only 5k from my list. If I set max subscribers 5000 for today and start the campaign this mean after 5000 emails the campaign will...
  7. Thomas Boerre

    Segmentation based on opens or clicks or campaign type ?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if its possible to segment your lists based on the opens and clicks. example: Im sending an campaign to my list in Denmark, based on the opens and clicks i want to make segments based on where in the country they open their emails. Its seems im unable to...
  8. talent media

    Groups Vs Segments

    What is the difference for groups and segments? And how are each useful?
  9. Garret

    Segments for opens and clicks

    Hey there man, hope all is well. Is there any chance of adding opens and clicks as a list segment? The use case is pretty simple, I'd like to send to a list with a specific email server or service, break out the opens and clicks (in essence creating sub lists of these) and then send to those...
  10. P

    Export list in larger batches?

    Hi I've carefully segmented all the subscribers that opened most of our emails in the past few weeks. This resumes to a total of around 90,000. These are distributed in two different list in our mailwizz account. When I export them I encounter two problems: 1. The comma separated files have a...
  11. J

    Open Actions and Custom fields

    Hello! I just purchased MailWizz to check if it was something we'd be able to use for our email marketing services. So far, it definitely looks promising! I read on CodeCanyon it's possible to create different open actions. To an extend (i.e. the possibilities I've found thus far), this is...