1. P

    Randomize List

    Hello, I would like the emails to be sent in random mode, but really without activating the maximum number of subscribers, is it possible? Thank you.
  2. S

    After Upgrading to 1.9.9 Sync List taking too long to Delete Duplicate from Secondary list,

    Hi Guys, After Upgrading to 1.9.9 Sync List taking too long to Delete Duplicate from Secondary list, Earlier it takes 1-2 mins to process 14,000 mails...
  3. M

    Campaign still sent to subscribers moved to another list

    Our campaigns have the condition to move subscribers from one list to another upon clicking a specific link in the email. Once the subscriber is moved, we'd expect that subscriber won't be receiving emails sent to the old list. However, this is not the case. We noticed many instances where the...
  4. kzintz

    non standard TLD not accepted in this area?

    non standard TLD not accepted in this area? When creating a list if I use a non standard TLD such as or even in the section that says "Sub. not found redirect" or "Sub. exists redirect" it throws an error that the domain is not valid. Anybody got a fix for this or is...
  5. Ibrahim Sharif

    Questions Regarding List Uploads and External Cleaners

    Hello Guys :) I hope you all are fine and having good days. I have 2 Questions to know. 1. When we try List Uploads via TXT files then does that file stays in server? i tried to find that in whole directory but the file does not stay in server for future reference. It would be good and helpful...
  6. P

    List Export results in tiny corrupted ZIP file

    Hi, Has anyone had this problem? We are on version 1.5.1. waiting for the next version with the slow sending fixed before we upgrade. We tried exporting one of our average sized subscriber lists of 45,000 names using the List Tool for exporting to CSV. We opened the specific list we wanted and...
  7. P

    How to remove Subscriber List Custom fields

    Hi, When we first started with Mailwizz we uploaded subscribers with Fields from several previous email systems. As a result we ended up with fields like fname, First Name, first name and firstname. We now want to "standardize" on only 2 custom fields for all subscriber lists. That would be...
  8. Proweb

    Need help for campaign option

    Hello. I want to know an explanation how campaign option work. I have a 2.7m list and I want to start a warmup process with this list. Let say I want to send today only 5k from my list. If I set max subscribers 5000 for today and start the campaign this mean after 5000 emails the campaign will...
  9. Youri Klijn

    Supression List

    Hello :-) Is it me or do I miss a supression list function in Mailwizz? I have a list of 25 domains which I do not want to email. In the blacklist I can add only full emailadresses right? Thanks! :)
  10. D

    API for list based on registration

    I am looking for a way by which we can send the newly registered people to a certain list made in my customer account, so I can send them marketing e-mails. When we get a new customer to register for the app, they are automatically added to the list that is specified in the API, so the unique...
  11. S

    Hide List content from Customer

    Hi there, For a special project, I need my customers to be able to create campaigns using MY lists....of course, I dont want to let them access to the content of the list. I know that i can block the export from backend options but is there a more radical way to fully hide for a group of...
  12. Matt Sayle

    Best Way to Implement a Master Unsubscribe List

    Is there a place where I can add email addresses where if I try to import that email again in the future, I will get an error message saying 'This email can't be added because it's in the master unsubscribe list'?
  13. G

    ExitPopUp listbuilding html code

    Dear community, after i ask the developer twisted 3x and i get not ask you. I hope i get from you a answer?? its a very, very important question! How can i use mailwizz with exit popup plugin thrive Leads, optimizepress, ninja popups etc. too listbuilding in wordpress??? How...
  14. P

    DOB list: how problematic can a new bought domain be listed in the DOB list

    Hi, we are about to make a sendout, small of course because the IPs and Domain are fresh. I;m getting a 9.8 on mail-tester because the domain is listed in the DOB list. Should I deploy or not? I'm not precisely a noob, but is the first time I come across this issue. Thanks for any comments.
  15. M

    Export data excluding blacklist and bounces

    Is there a way hen im exporting a list it removes the bounces & opt outs? Right now when I export a list whats happening is that the whole list is including optouts and bounces are being exported.
  16. Vince

    Delete : actual list only or all lists ?

    Hello, My email is present in lists A + B + C I delete from list A Is it also deleted in B and C ? Thanks, Vince
  17. zabc


  18. Vince

    Blacklist status

    Good day ! What is the exact meaning of "blacklist" status in lists ? Is it generated by bounces ? Soft and hard ? Is there a way to manage that ? Thanks, Vince
  19. pradeep sharma

    How to install and Use EVS-GO with a Php application on centos 6.3

    Hi Twisted1919 I wish to use you evs-go script with my php application I have a DataCenter with good number of servers installed recently with 1000+ global ip address We are building a php application to provide email list cleaning server for all. while doing SMTP validation native php takes to...
  20. Vince

    Unsubscribe member in several list

    Hello, Sorry for silly question. Imagine a subscriber is in 3 lists : list A, list B, list C If user unsubscribe using a link from list A, is it also automatically unsubscribed in B and C ? Vince