1. C

    Creating and importing campaigns and segments

    As per thread title. Is it possible to create campaigns/segments in excel/sheets (csv) and import csv to MW?
  2. I

    Hourly limit for server not being followed when sending campaign

    I'm currently working with an SMTP server that is fairly new, and have therefore set a specific hourly limit on this server in the Backend settings. Problem is, this limit that I have set is not being followed when sending campaigns. Could it be because the targeted number of subscribers that...
  3. I

    Sending to a set number of subscribers

    I have a scenario in which I am having a little difficulty understanding how mailwizz works. Say for example, I create a campaign and set it to target a list with 100 subscribers. Then within that campaign, I set the max numbers of subscribers to 40, so that 40 people with receive the email. In...
  4. I

    Export excel spreadsheet containing opens for all campaigns?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to to export an excel spreadsheet containing the opens for all campaigns? Doing this for each campaign is proving to be a bit time consuming.
  5. M

    Create Campaign API Add Smtp

    Which parameter should be added in the create function for the mailwizz api to work. // CREATE CAMPAIGN $response = $endpoint->create([ 'name' => 'My API Campaign', // required 'type' => 'regular', // optional: regular or autoresponder 'from_name' => 'John...
  6. K

    Get Stats for all campaigns from the API

    It is possible to get stats across all campaigns via the API? I'm looking to build out a simple dashboard and get this information from MailWizz automatically via an API or some other mechanism. - Average click rate - Average open rate - Unsubscribe rate over the last 30 days - Number of new...
  7. T

    How to enable Sendgrid marketing campaigns?

    I've searching around the forum and knowledge base to find out how to set up Sendgrid's marketing campaigns within MW in order to take advantage of the pricing-per-subscriber but I have only been able to send MW campaigns with SG's mail api. Am I missing something too obvious? Thank you for...
  8. J

    List Segmentation and Conditions

    Hello, i have a question: I have a database with a list of guests that went to events; The fields are Name, Email, Event Name, Event City. There are some guests that went to more than one event. My problem is: i want to send a campaign to guests filtering then by events, how can i do that on...
  9. L

    Problem with Regular Campaings and Autoresponder

    Hello, I have set some campains (regular and autoresponder) and they do not work. I dont know why they are not sending. Could you pls help me? Thanks
  10. Ashish Shukla

    Campaign stuck in sending and processing status

    Hi, Since last 2 days I noticed my campaigns stuck in sending and processing status. can anyone please help. While I run cron manual it's going but not self. I checked send-campaign cron runs in each minute but still not able to pickup campaigns those are in sending and Processing status. I...
  11. M

    CDbException error on sending multiple campaigns

    I've been having issues recently with my mailwizz. I migrated to a new server and allocated ca. 1tb of space for hosting my mailwizz to make sure it has enough resources. I left it for a month or so and came back to start testing some campaigns. I started 6 different campaigns on a sample of...
  12. T

    How to create own cron-job in extension

    How to override send-campaign command with ourself command. Maybe there are some possibility to kill core command and make own, and then when the cron job is running, it will work with own Class in extension not from the core.
  13. T

    Replace tags of html template of cron job from the extension

    We have extension and its task is to replace some tags in campaigns' templates to some images. It should work when we start CRON Job command send-campaign. And in time of this running, we should change our custom tag to image. But the main point is to change tags during cron job is running and...
  14. E

    Subscriber status corresponding to campaign via API

    Hi, I am using API's for my app integration with mailwizz. I have created an autoresponder campaign with autoresponder_event AFTER-SUBSCRIBE. At a given point of time I want to know if campaign has been sent to all the subscribers of the corresponding list (either bounce/successful doesn't matter).
  15. R

    Move openers to new list in campaign setting

    Hi, In campaign settings i have selected the option to move the openers to a new list it is working fine but the general open rate of the campaign is very low as compared the the subscribers who have moved to the list. I see there are more than 20K subscribers in the openers only list but the...
  16. M

    Campaigns are not processing simultaneously

    I started my new mailwizz server on the recent 1.6.5. But, I noticed there's an issue when running multiple campaigns at the same time. For instance, if I start campaigns A-D and run them all at the same time, all of them will be showing status "Sending" but only campaign A will be actually...
  17. P

    Recurring Campaign set for 4 PM sent first email immediately!

    Is this the expected behavior? Finally we decided to test recurring campaigns. We send a Newsletter to 200,000 subscribers every morning at 5 AM. We have been doing it manually every day. So in anticipation of an afternoon edition, this morning at 8:35 Am we ran a test on a small list. We set up...
  18. S

    Campaign filter

    Hey, I'm reworking admin theme and trying to simplify everything. I want to filter campaign status in tree menu links : Sent, draft and outbox Outbox must filter these campaign types pending-sending, processing and sending. How to do this? Not working example...
  19. S

    Campaign template can not be confirmed

    When I select a template which can be confirmed from other computers,but in my campaign it can not be confirmed.Please help me to solve this issue,thanks a lot.
  20. viniciusdl

    Resend campaign only for new subscribers

    I'm not finding a way for how after new users join my list I resend(maybe.. requeue? ) a campaign only for them. How can I do this?