High Volume Needed - Low Volume Results


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When using a very simple php/mysql script to take recipient email and produce a merged email as a flat file, my colleague uses an E3-12xx XEON with 16Gb RAM and (most importantly) an SSD of 50Gb or more to produce 2 million flat files / email in around 10 minutes.

Moving these to /var/Pickup on PMTA takes another 5 to 10 minutes and then with queues paused they spool at typically 50K per minute. In this way a send of 2 million can be loaded for sending in 30 minutes and with queues resumed the send is away.

No matter how I configure MailWizz the best I can get is just over 2K per minute into /var/Pickup. Where can I turn off all the checks and limits to get the kind of loading a simple php/mysql script will produce?
- mailwizz version
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 3.40Ghz + ILO
Hard Drive(s): 2x 120GB SSD HW RAID 1
Bandwidth: Unltd @ 1Gbps

Screenshot 2017-02-21 10.48.56.png Screenshot 2017-02-21 10.53.33.png