Using GitHub Bounce Handler | But Bounces Not showing in Mailwizz Stats

Hi All,
I configured Bounce processing using GitHub Bounce Handler Script

I have Mailwizz 2.0.34 & Power MTA 5.0b1

It works fine, It unsubscribe Bounce addresses directly in Mailwizz using power MTA bounce files..

But issue was that, its not showing Bounce counts in Mailwizz Campiagn Boucne Stats.

Anybody did this successfull ?

Also i have one more question, If this script automatically unsubscribe bounce handler using PowerMTA bounce log file, then whats the use of Adding Bounce Email Address in Mailwizz /backend/bounce-servers/index ?

Please help me ..


Staff member
Since this is a 3rd-party tool, your best bet is to contact the author of the tools and get help there.