1. devrental

    IMAP extension is missing Issue Though its Installed

    Hi, I am trying to add Bounce Server . I have IMAP extension installed but during adding it shows "The IMAP extension is missing from your PHP installation. "
  2. D

    Bounce reports suddenly stopped

    I ran 4 campaigns yesterday where there are 0 bounces at all against any of them, not even internal ones. Now this would be great if it was true but there are bounces reports in the email account that monitors bounces. Nothing has been changed at all in Mailwizz settings from the previous...
  3. G

    Amazon SES Bounce and Complaint problem

    Hi @twisted1919 I am a new user of MW and it works very well in general. But as others I have seen in the forum I am facing the problem with bounce and complain from Amazon SES. I am using API and have 2 different delivery channels/domain. From both of them 0 companies. I sent about 5k email...
  4. M

    Troubles with Bounces

    Hello, Couldn't find anything about that problem on the forum, so i wish someone may help. So, we currently use MailWizz and ElasticMail via the API. We used the bounce the url provided by Mailwizz to use it on ElasticMail to link bounce servers to MailWizz. It works, i got my bounces back...
  5. M

    Bounce logs for a PowerMTA smtp

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how i can configure a bounce server so I could get the data for my PowerMTA smtp in my campaigns' analytics? Currently, I have to run a script to produce the bounce logs on the smtp. But, I was the information in my mailwizz as well.
  6. D

    Bounces suddenly stopped processing

    Hi, So since last couple campaigns the bounce server seems to have stopped working... All the current campaigns say 0 bounces which ofc is not possible. On bounce logs it shows bounces there but under "Processed" all says "No". I ran the emergency action for bounce server, still nothing.
  7. E

    [Solved] Bounce & complaint amazon ses

    Q1: I try to test bounce and complaint in campaign using amazon ses web api. i send to: Processed status: success But, bounce and complaint tracker still zero? Q2: I found...
  8. rritz

    How to blacklist bounces instead of unsubscribing

    Using pmta and bouncehandler from github. I have read all the documentation there plus some issues filed. I did not find how to do this, or maybe it is there and I didn't understand it. How can I get hard bounces (bad mailbox, user does not exist etc) on my blacklist instead of unsubscribing...
  9. Hideki

    Amazon SES Complaints and Bounce handling

    Hello, Is there a tutorial on how to setup MailWizz with Amazon SES including how to handle bounce and abuse feedback loop from SES? I've been looking everywhere but couldn't find any. Thank you very much. Hideki
  10. rritz

    What does: "x-pmta;all sources disabled" mean?

    Can anyone help me what this bounce message means? x-pmta;all sources disabled I get it on almost all yahoo emails now, started a couple of days ago. Hard bounces Can't seem to find any info for this anywhere and would appreciate all help
  11. A

    Virus on return emails

    Hello @twisted1919, I find out that in my server return email (bounce email) inbox there is lot of JUNK & Virus emails from some one who i did't send email. Also some emails are not in bounce format but some are in bounce format with Virus attachment. I want to know does i need to enable...
  12. D

    Amazon SES and Bounce Handling

    Hi guys, That's my first post, so first of all I would congratulate to you all guys for bringing this amazing email system to us! So basically what happened was that a week ago I sent a campaign to 30,000~40,000 contacts through Amazon SES. Since the full list was merged using many sub-lists...
  13. S

    Bounce servers stuck on Cron-running

    Hi, Since a few days (nothing changed), 9 out 10 of my bounce server dispalys that message. I can not edit them anymore too...even after reboot the vps. Any idea ?
  14. D

    Error creating FBL and Bounce server...

    Hi, so I get the following error. when adding bounce server: "OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 LITERAL+ SASL-IR LOGIN-REFERRALS ID ENABLE IDLE STARTTLS LOGINDISABLED] Dovecot ready." when adding FBL server: "Server disables LOGIN, no recognized SASL authenticator"
  15. V

    dovecot makes huge load on server (410357 Kbytes in 267778 Requests)

    Hi all , i'm using 8 mta's on 8 different servers, and one server that hosts 8 different mailwizzes for each mta. everything worked fine until i start realizing that the server is getting very slow. i checked the mailq and saw that there are 267778 bounce requests, and when i checked the load...
  16. S

    Bounces do not work

    Hello, I've been sending test newsletters, and I added invalid email addresses so I may check if bounces work. However, they don't. I always get 0 bounces. I have setup both delivery server and bounce server correctly (also assigned bounce server to the delivery server). Any idea? Thanks Alex
  17. P

    Bounce Removal to Sub 1%

    We use a data validation service but sometimes the bounce rates after cleaning are still 5% and it put's us in ban territory with a lot of ISP's. I was thinking if we just had some junk system where we could send an erroneous email to all of them just to get rid of the hard bounces that would...
  18. M

    Bounce server not working when I use SSL for the site

    When I'm using SSL for the site then bounce server(Amazon) stopped working. due to some reason please suggest.
  19. M

    Export data excluding blacklist and bounces

    Is there a way hen im exporting a list it removes the bounces & opt outs? Right now when I export a list whats happening is that the whole list is including optouts and bounces are being exported.
  20. VVT

    Does the Max. bounce rate count INTERNAL bounces ?

    See above ! :)