1. D

    PowerMTA 5.0r3 / Management Console 1.5r19 available!

    I offer a complete package for end customers to work with sending email messages. PowerMTA 5.0r3 Management Console 1.5r19 Email create software You will be able to independently install all the packages and create your own advertising campaigns. A lot of extra bonuses. For example, a...
  2. S

    Would appreciate help with delivery server setup please :)

    Hi! So, I'm a newbie and I'm following a course. MailWizz was recommended in the course. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide to me with setting up my delivery server to meet my objectives described below. Thanks in advance :) I have: IP 1 > linked to > Domain 1 IP 2 > linked...
  3. Againhosting

    Looking for a Mailwizz expert to check my setup and optimise settings

    Hi, We made decision to migrate away from CampaignMonitor to Mailwizz to save money as monthly costs are far too high with CampaignMonitor. We currently have an email list of around 16k subscribers that we send an email newsletter to on a weekly basis (so we send 4 campaigns per month). I paid...
  4. twisted1919

    MailWizz - 1.8.1

    Hello everyone, After a lot of hard work we are able to release MailWizz 1.8.1 which brings a lot of improvements, changes and enhancements as the changelog shows. Since this is a cumulative and large release, please make sure you backup your data before upgrading. This brings us a step closer...
  5. avidns

    SES bounce rate seems higher with MW

    Hi all, So I was using Sendy for my SES account and Mailwizz for everything else. I really enjoy the level of reporting in Mailwizz (something I feel Sendy is seriously lacking) and decided to import my SES stuff over to MW. I have a few licenses for MW and decided to give them their own, on...
  6. twisted1919

    MailWizz 1.7.2 adds global search functionality!

    Hi guys, As a follow-up to our efforts to improve the usability of the app, knowing the app itself is huge and we need to make it easier for people to find things in it, we have released MailWizz 1.7.2 which now includes an awesome search functionality which will search in the entire...
  7. M

    Not Found The requested URL /install/index.php was not found on this server.

    I am migrating to a new server with better capacity and want to install my mailwizz from scratch. In past, I installed only 1.4.3 which went usually fine. This time, I am trying to install the latest 1.6.5. However, I am unable to proceed to the installation page ie...
  8. imeow

    Russian translation for MailWizz 1.6.3 / Русский язык для MailWizz 1.6.3

    Greetings! I would like to share the russian translation for the latest MailWizz EMA. As you know to install this, you have to unpack the content of zip into your "/apps/common/messages" path. MailWizz was not completely translated, but you can help by translating the unfinished parts...
  9. V

    Tags Setting

    I have 3 custom fields in my email list called "Custom field click id", "Custom field lead id", "Custom field affiliate id". I need to insert those fields' values in email body. How do I do that?
  10. Fabyc

    How does MW calculate the total of suscribers?

    Hi everybody. Someone can explain about how does MW calculate the total of suscribers? You can see in the attached image about I'm talking about. In account usage it shows total of subscribers: 30934 Trying to sum the subscribers of all of the 3 lists [1] and I don't get the total MW shows in...
  11. Bill Crosby

    Mailwizz stops sending email

    Hello guys, I have updated to the latest version of mailwizz and after the upgrade it works fine for few days but after that it stops sending the email out. It remains in the pending-sending state and when i pause and resume. the state changes to sending but it didn't send any email out. its...
  12. Bill Crosby

    Openers are not automatically added to a separate list.

    Hello guys, I have update mailwizz to the latest version and now I am scheduling a campaign and want to automatically save the openers of that campaign to save into another list but it's not working anymore. I am adding the openers to another list while creating the campaign. please see the...
  13. imeow

    MailWizz to work with really huge list of subscribers

    Greetings, everyone! I got a question that was disturbing me for a lot of time. Is it possible somehow to tweak MailWizz to work with huge lists of subscribers (around 800M) so it wouldn't freeze or lag on sending campaigns. Should I use some specific MySQL config or other RDBMS? Or maybe I...
  14. C

    Soy Experto en Mailwizz (Setup + Domain + Servidores SMTP)

    Hola Amigos Quiero ofrecer mis servicios de instalación y soporte de Mailwizz en Español a todas las personas que tengan el idioma inglés como barrera. Te puedo ayudar (en inglés y/o español) con lo siguiente: - Provisión de Servidores VPS SSD Linux en Chile y en Europa - Instalación del...
  15. R

    Server setup and maintenance services

    Hello all, I am an expert of email server setup and warming , Currently i maintain 20 clients server with 1M per ip/day send in inbox , if anyone interested to work with me please contact at skype : rony.raskhit or email :
  16. R

    PowerMTA 4.5r11 and PMC 1.5r12

    Hello All, PowerMTA 4.5r11 and PowerMTA Management Console 1.5r12 available.if anyone interested please contact me at sk@pe: rony.raskhit or em@il :
  17. S

    theme support

    hi all can someone please help me with theme, because i dont seems to find any. There are plugins available for mailwizz but no themes. if there are no themes available in store, then please suggest me some tutorials or support documentation so that i can see if we can create one for our use...
  18. S

    i cant upload a file bigger than 1048576 bytes (1.048576 MB)

    Hi All im not able to get past this. whenever i try to import a list it say 'Its size cannot exceed 1048576 bytes." which is about 1 MB, my upload_max_filesize is 128 MB, but its still giving this error. Please help. Thanks
  19. GlobalDIMA


    Opportunity, for definitive removal of the activity transfer license of the platform with its corresponding access to the account and license manager, and personal licenses of the following extensions: Drag&Drop Editor for MailWizz EMA (Ext) Backup Manager for MailWizz EMA (Ext) MailWizz EMA -...
  20. Fabyc

    When setup recurring campaign, it is sent with UTC time and not in system local time

    Hi, I don't know if it is a bug, but when setup recurring campaign, it is sent with UTC time and not in system local time Example: - Set recurring campaign for sending at 07:00 AM. - It is sent at 02:00 AM (UTC time) When it is sent/scheduled as normal campaign, it is fine. Thanks