Translations to Germany, Italian & Arabic

ah si ovvio!, bhe neanche i miei sono aggiornati alle ultime. Hai per caso una traduzione base per il backend?
perfetto! grazie. La confronterò con la mia (solo customer) ma credo tu abbia fatto di più! comunque avrai il mio feedback!
Although I market the translation for the Spanish language, seeing the demand of other languages I have developed an application so that anyone can make their language
the application is really very easy to use and in the result your platform will be translated with your own language and idiom to the language you want. Here I leave a screenshot in this case generating the french language. The application has a cost of 25 dollars that includes my personal support and also video tutorial step by step. interested contact me directly to my personal email:

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I do not understand your message on the one hand you tell me if I can give the application developed for free and on the other hand you speak to me of the payment of languages ... I do not understand.

I dedicate myself to the translation into Spanish, the whole platform not only the files but also the string that is not translated automatically, which adds in the mysql database and those that personalize.

The application that develops is to help any user to generate their own translation in the language they want, since it operates with all the available languages in the world and also can give it its personal touch.

My application prevents editing errors of source files
since it does not allow errors that usually occur when editing the language files with a simple text editor when we mistakenly err in a line in a quote, comma or semicolon is automatically truncated and unusable, this is what basically provides my application.

Of course it will not be free, the effort and time that I use to develop is not free, taking into account that every user of a platform uses this tool to generate income and therefore we have already made an investment in the license. therefore friend who wants blue that costs him .....