Make any translation a lot easier


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Make any translation a lot easier by using our translation editor plugin at our MW instance intended exclusively for translations. Translate it all and when you are done, I will pack your translation to a ZIP file and send it to you.


You get access to a super simple user interface which enables easier translation. You must translate all of it, not just what you need, but also what we need (and we have some extra extensions). No money is part of this transaction. You don't pay us, we don't pay you.

We get a copy of your translation, but you still own it. We get the full rights to use it on our own servers for our customers to use it, but we don't get the rights to sell it or give it away to anyone else. It's still your translation and you decide what you want to do with it.

If you are interested, then send me a PM with what language you are interested in translating MW to + language code and country code.
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Do you offer finished translations to others as well? I am looking for a german translation

No. The idea is to have a cooperation. We supply an easy to use translation editor at no cost to you, you supply the actual translator without any cost to us.
We have more than standard MW so everything needs to be translated.

You keep the full ownership of your translations, we only get full royalty free usage rights to use the translations on our sites.
This means that you can sell your translation if you want to, we can't. We can only use it and only on our own sites.