Tracking domain issue & suggestion


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Hello @twisted1919,
Tracking Domain is vary good idea but i find one issue with this.
Look at this example, i have one tracking domain for every customer

1. If i have 100 customers and every customer have its own Delivery Server , I want to create ONE tracking domain for each customer now I have to create 100 Tracking Domains.
(cause if I assign any delivery server to customer it will not show me system tracking domain)
2. I also have to create ONE (1) tracking domain for SYSTEM.
(fine i create 101 records)
BUT now i have change tracking domain (for some reason), now i have to update 101 records :mad:

Why can't I just create one SYSTEM tracking domain and CUSTOMERS tracking domains if i want different & When I Assign ANY Delivery Server to Customer, I can Choose from SYSTEM Tracking Domain & USER's Tracking Domain.

Now its Other way around, like If its System Delivery Server i can choose from users tracking domains and system tracking domains but if Server is Assigned to SUER then i can only Choose from That user Tracking Domains.
Please Let me know how can i DO above ?

I think you need to change this in next update or if i am wrong suggest me.