delivery server

  1. K

    There is no SMTP option in my account

    Hi How are you? I need to add delivery servers but I don't see the SMTP option. You asked me to contact my host to enable enable he PHP's proc_open and popen functions. I contacted them and they enabled it. How now do I get to see the SMTP in my option in my account when i need to connect...
  2. A

    Cannot Choose Delivery Servers

    Hi! I have 5 delivery servers set-up and validated in the backend. They are all assigned to the same customer. On step 2, Campaign Set-up in the front end there is nowhere to see and choose the delivery server(s) to use. What am I missing?
  3. R

    Bounce servers and delivery servers

    Having slight issue with the system and not sure whether I'm misunderstanding something. We have 1 delivery server at present and 4 customers. The delivery server isn't locked to any particular customer and instead each customer has their own group (4 in total) and each of those 4 groups are...
  4. C

    No Campaigns are Displaying Bounces

    Hi there, I send about 15k-20k emails per day from the same delivery server. None of the campaigns I'm sending have any bounces. First, I think this is a good thing. After one week and no bounces, I realize this is a bad thing because something is clearly not working. The bounce server is set...
  5. G


    CURRENT_DOMAIN and CURRENT_DOMAIN_URL using @twisted1919, Hi! I have 4 smtp with 4 difirent domains. 1. 2. 3. 4. What and how to configure it so that the message sent through the first smtp, when I use the tags [CURRENT_DOMAIN] and...
  6. T

    Lock Tracking Domains for Client or Force to save Delivery Server with Tracking Domain

    Hi, I'm looking for the solution for tracking domains. I want to add tracking tracking domain and lock for the customer or I want the customer to force add a tracking domain when they are going to add a Delivery Server. I don't want the customer to use a delivery server without a tracking...
  7. A

    Delivery Server unable to save Additional headers

    Hello @twisted1919 I have server using MariaDB and Nginx. it was working fine until i update it to latest version 1.4.3. now when i create/ edit Delivery server its fine but if i add Additional headers its not saving them. after lot of checking i find out that if Additional headers are like...
  8. imeow

    Delivery server picking on sending campaigns - How does it work?

    Greetings everyone! I would like to know little info about how does delivery server picking works? Is it random or depends on probability parameter in DB? For example: If I am picking 10/10 delivery servers for Campaign #1 and picking the same pack (10/10) of delivery servers for Campaign #2...
  9. D

    error validating a SMTP server! Help

    I am trying to add my newly configured server to mailwizz but getting the following error! Here is a transcript of the error message: Connection could not be established with host [php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known #0] Log data: ++...
  10. mykelmbuotim

    i need someone to setup my MW solution so it can start sending mails

    i need someone who can do all the necessary setup to get the solution up and runing, thing like the delivery servers for mail sending, cron jobs, activate the frontend and add a landing page, etc. pls you can add me up on skype right now so we get started. i have installed it already.
  11. Niko

    Force FROM doesn't use the correct From address

    Hello @twisted1919 , under Sending Server there's Force FROM with the options Always/Never/When no valid signing domain. The "When no valid signing domain" option seems to be giving some problems, because when the user sends an email, the from address is always the one set in the delivery...
  12. G

    Error 500! Property "DeliveryServer Sendgrid WebApi.force sender is undefined.

    Dear support, what is false in my sets....Since 2 hours i trie to set a delivery server over i get again "Error 500! Property "DeliveryServer Sendgrid WebApi.force sender is undefined." What have i do In sendgrid create a api and use them in mailwizz Username * i try sendgrid...
  13. A

    Tracking domain issue & suggestion

    Hello @twisted1919, Tracking Domain is vary good idea but i find one issue with this. Look at this example, i have one tracking domain for every customer 1. If i have 100 customers and every customer have its own Delivery Server , I want to create ONE tracking domain for each customer now I...
  14. Jaggs

    Having problems validating delivery server

    Hi, When I add in the delivery server address (e.g. and press the Validate Server button, it all seems to work OK, but no email appears to be sent to the address. Do I need to set up a customer first or something? Thanks.
  15. N

    Create new server SMTP

    When trying to add a new SMTP Delivery Server – I am getting error in the credentials – [Unable to find the socket transport “starttls” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? #32542576] I've tried using various combinations of SSL, TLS and STARTTLS with port numbers 25, 465 and...
  16. twisted1919

    Add a new delivery server type.

    If you look in apps/common/models/ you will see lots of files called DeliveryServer{TYPE}.php where type is the provider they implement, for example DeliveryServerAmazonSesWebApi.php In order to create your own delivery server implementation, you have to follow below steps: 1) You have to...