tracking domains

  1. P

    Can't set tracking link

    I have a support ticket open on this, but figured I'd bring it up here in case of any experienced users have any ideas. If I get an answer from the ticket first, I'll publish it here. I can't set a tracking link. The cname is set and even loads my MW installation in a browser. I moved the...
  2. M

    Different domain for tracking

    As I understand, the current instructions for adding tracking domains is for the subdomains of the same root domain where mailwizz is hosted. I was wondering if it's possible to add a tracking domain that has a root domain different from the one where mailwizz is hosted? For example, my...
  3. Thomas Boerre

    Tracking domain not hiding original link in email ?

    Hi all and @twisted1919 When setting up tracking domain in admin i was of the understanding that this tracking domain also would hide the links in the email like affiliate links. Unsubscribelink: (is working correct) The tracking domain is covering the main domain...
  4. T

    Lock Tracking Domains for Client or Force to save Delivery Server with Tracking Domain

    Hi, I'm looking for the solution for tracking domains. I want to add tracking tracking domain and lock for the customer or I want the customer to force add a tracking domain when they are going to add a Delivery Server. I don't want the customer to use a delivery server without a tracking...
  5. A

    Tracking Domain issue

    Hello, from last few weeks i have strange issue, my tracking domain is added in Spamhouse every time i send email campaign. these are same lists i am sending from last 1 year but never have problem of Spamhouse but it started suddenly and i don't know how to fix it. if any one know plz help me...
  6. HostingTEK

    Private tracking domain

    Hi everyone, is it possible to limit tracking domain url only for specific customer resources ? example: customer A set up domain customer B set up domain we dont want...
  7. A

    Tracking domain issue & suggestion

    Hello @twisted1919, Tracking Domain is vary good idea but i find one issue with this. Look at this example, i have one tracking domain for every customer 1. If i have 100 customers and every customer have its own Delivery Server , I want to create ONE tracking domain for each customer now I...
  8. Douglas Shrader

    Need Help setting up cname redirects.

    Hello, i need someone who can set up cname redirects in the tracking domain area plus more work in maillwhiz. Please get me on skype at dougshrader71 if interested.