Test Emails->INBOX / Campaign send->SPAM

Manuel Polder

New Member
Hey guys,
I am using amazon ses with mailwizz . I used it to send newsletters to various providers and it worked just fine. With outlook & office 365 is a different story.

After creating the campaign if I send a test email it goes to inbox:

But when I send the email from a campaign then it goes to spam.

I compared the headers of the emails that go to inbox (test template button) and the ones that go to spam / junk (campaign send).
Left: INBOX (test template button) / Right: Spam (campaign send)
I can see that when I am sending the test email the headers don't include the unsubscribe link pointing to my server.
It goes to spam because when I am sending campaigns, mailwizz includes the unsubscribe link that points to my server.
Is there any way to disable sending the unsubscribe links ?