1. J

    Can i change the functionality of the unsubscribe link to blacklist the recipient?

    Currently using the [direct_unsubscribe_url] as an unsubscribe button but I would like it is if it would blacklist the recipient to prevent a campaign from a different user emailing them or some kind of accidental resubscribe
  2. C

    Unsubscribe page just reloads - no message to user

    We have an unsubscribe page with double opt-out which works fine in as much as the email is received with the link – all good. What happens when the person clicks unsubscribe can be totally confusing though as the page just reloads with no message to say something like “Check your email for an...
  3. M

    How Unsubscription Works...??

    Hi members, May be this has been discussed earlier but I am really confused about it. I want to know "how unsubscribe works"? Suppose, I have 5 email lists of different products but they have same email contacts. I sent an email campaign to my first list and 10 users unsubscribed. Now...
  4. J

    Unsubscribe text

    I’m trying to see if there’s a way to change the text when people try to unsubscribe. The blue text here. I’d like to shorten what it says.
  5. M

    Test Emails->INBOX / Campaign send->SPAM

    Hey guys, I am using amazon ses with mailwizz . I used it to send newsletters to various providers and it worked just fine. With outlook & office 365 is a different story. After creating the campaign if I send a test email it goes to inbox: But when I send the email from a campaign then it...
  6. G

    How to request reconfirmation for existing subscribers?

    I've seen a few posts about this, but so far I can't see what the solution is. I've just purchased MailWizz and imported all my existing subscribers into a list. Now I want to write to each of them to let them know about my new system and to confirm that they still want to be subscribers. How...
  7. G

    Unsubscribe Link provided by Advertiser

    Hi, Can somebody help to resolve this: I have an exclusive offer from Advertiser that I want to offer to my Subscriber base. The advertiser provides with the Offer the "Opt Out" link that I suppose to add to my email template. I can probably add opt-out link from Advertiser and every 2-3 days...
  8. tatsujin90

    Unsubscribe Url not changed nor working

    Hello so i got the same code but it's not working Here is my source code <tr> <td> <p style="font-size:10px"> If you are no longer interested, you can <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]" style="">Unsubscribe Here</a>. </p> </td> </tr> i get this error after clicking on the Unsub link: Error 404...
  9. Britt Malka

    I'm repeatedly ghost unsubscribing from my own lists

    This problem is driving me insane. I'm subscribed to my own lists, but frequently I don't get my emails, and when I check, I find out that I've unsubscribed. How can this happen? I have NOT clicked on the unsubscribe link or in any other way attempted to unsubscribe. I send out clean text...
  10. O

    Bulk Unsubscribe Code

    Hi all, We are looking for a small piece of development work to be done on our Mailwizz platform. This is to setup/ configure a Bulk Unsubscribe code. We had this done on an old MW platform of ours, and need it done again. This code is to ensure that any Unsubscribe clicks are applied...
  11. R

    Let user unsubscribe from multiple lists at once

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but is there a way (without the need for API) to let the user to view and unsubscribe from multiple lists at once? We have a customer who has a large number of lists with a lot of identical email addresses in those lists and they are looking to let the user...
  12. B

    unsubscribe link invalid

    When i add the unsubscribe link to emails, the subscriber clicks the link and it is invalid. for example http// or http/ It is missing that part so it takes them to an invalid page. I checked the system urls and they are in the correct format. I am at a loss now.\ Please advise thank you
  13. D

    Gmail Unsubscribe

    Hi, I recently started getting unsubscribe emails from Gmail addresses, I guess they are triggered by subscribers using the Gmail unsubscribe link. I have to unsubscribe these manually atm, is there a way to automate this? Thanks, Dirk
  14. Britt Malka

    Link to unsubscribe from all lists

    Hi, There's something I haven't been able to figure out, and one of them is: How can I offer my subscriber a link to unsubscribe from all lists? or give them a choice of the lists they want to unsubscribe from?
  15. Paul Hughes

    Bulk Unsubscribe

    I added my unsubscribe_url incorrectly and customers were not able to unsubscribe from the list. Now I would like to see if there is a way to bulk unsubscribe these users and, at the same time, notify them that they have been unsubscribed. Is this possible? And what did I do wrong with my...
  16. K

    Remove Origination ip and unsubscribe list from the email header

    Hi Team, I've been using your platform for a long time however, there are some things which are hampering delivery via using our custom powerMTA servers on yahoo esp specifically. I've gone through the forums and you have shared various posts on how to remove the unsubscribe list from the email...
  17. Thomas Boerre

    Unsubscribe problems with tracking link.

    hi, I have several delivery servers on my setup, all on the same root domain but with different subdomains. For all of them i have created a unique tracking link with a cname pointing to the mailwizz application domain They all are verified and correctly setup according to the guidelines...
  18. Matt Sayle

    Best Way to Implement a Master Unsubscribe List

    Is there a place where I can add email addresses where if I try to import that email again in the future, I will get an error message saying 'This email can't be added because it's in the master unsubscribe list'?
  19. D

    Unsubscribe in 1 click / date and ip-address subscriptions

    1) How do I make the subscriber may unsubscribe in one click? 2) How do I get on the mailing letters, it was stated, when and with what ip-address of the subscriber signed up for a newsletter?
  20. VVT

    Do we reuse subscriber unique IDs?

    Hey, One of my clients has been sending me some weird emails that were sent out of mw. Thing is that, some emails have wrong unsubscribe option - ex : mail was sent to abc@123.com, but once we click on the unsubscribe link, def@456.com is shown on unsubscribe page(corresponding to the uid in...