Table tags are stripped from emails sent via Mailwizz API


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Has someone run into the following issue? We are sending transactional emails through MailWizz using MailWizzApi_Endpoint_TransactionalEmails() object create() method. But when we looked at the emails that recipients got, we noticed that all table tags, that were used for formatting of some of the message content, have been stripped. Does anyone know how to avoid this behavior, and make MailWizz send exactly what we're passing from our application?
@mmeytin - try attached php file, unzip and put in apps/api/controllers. Should do the trick.


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Thanks, that seems to have done the trick! Why are they being stripped anyway? Is this done to increase deliverability of messages, or just a bug a in a tool?
@mmeytin : Its possible that every functionality is not tested or sometimes skip with some trick. So possible when you use we get to know such issue and twisted is always as usual rectify it and update with code.