transactional emails

  1. Joseph smith

    Select specific Delivery server for transactional by API

    Hi guys, is there a way to select or specify the transactional delivery server id sending by API in the same way as CREATION CAMPAIGN BY API. I checked inside the code but I'm seeing you have something that pick up automatically the server to send therefore this is why you prompt "Use...
  2. M

    Sending transactional emails to multiple recipients

    Hello! We have been using MailWizz API to send transactional emails and it works pretty well for a single recipient using MailWizzApi_Endpoint_TransactionalEmails().create() method. But I was wondering if there is a way to make a single API function call to send a message to multiple...
  3. M

    Table tags are stripped from emails sent via Mailwizz API

    Has someone run into the following issue? We are sending transactional emails through MailWizz using MailWizzApi_Endpoint_TransactionalEmails() object create() method. But when we looked at the emails that recipients got, we noticed that all table tags, that were used for formatting of some of...
  4. JAMJA

    Open, click tracking on transaction email

    Hi everyone How to know transactional emails is opened, clicked by user? Is mailwizz have a report for monitor open rate in a date range. Thanks.
  5. potschops

    transactional emails fail

    How to enable transactional e-mails ?, all transactions fail, for example when trying to recover the password. I have servers delivery system checked