Remove Origination ip and unsubscribe list from the email header

Kapil Gautam

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Hi Team,

I've been using your platform for a long time however, there are some things which are hampering delivery via using our custom powerMTA servers on yahoo esp specifically. I've gone through the forums and you have shared various posts on how to remove the unsubscribe list from the email header however, I am unable to perform that in my application and nether I am very good at php code to be honest.

I would need your assistance in removing the following things from email header so that my email delivery in yahoo can improve a bit :
1. Email Origination IP and domain.
2. Unsubscribe list from the header section. We would only use the default unsubscribe url in the email template itself.

I would step by step guide on how I can remove this. I know this will take a lot of time an effort, however please understand I have zero php skills and I can barely understand the code. I am also attaching email header so that you can have a look at it as well.

Would appreciate your assistance on this.

Either us a third party anonymous re-mailer (which will strip the headers and insert its own) or set your MTA to do this (strip the original headers and insert its own).

~ line 900-920
Hi Thanks for your response.

As stated above, I am not good in coding in php. So I just remove or comment out the code written in 900 - 920 lines like this and will this resolve?
/* $headerPrefix = Yii::app()->params['email.custom.header.prefix'];
$emailParams['headers'] = array(
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'Campaign-Uid', 'value' => $campaign->campaign_uid),
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'Subscriber-Uid', 'value' => $subscriber->subscriber_uid),
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'Customer-Uid', 'value' => $customer->customer_uid),
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'Customer-Gid', 'value' => (string)intval($customer->group_id)), // because of sendgrid
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'Delivery-Sid', 'value' => (string)intval($server->server_id)), // because of sendgrid
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'Tracking-Did', 'value' => (string)intval($server->tracking_domain_id)), // because of sendgrid
array('name' => 'List-Unsubscribe', 'value' => $listUnsubscribeHeaderValue),
array('name' => 'List-Id', 'value' => $list->list_uid . ' <' . $list->display_name . '>'),
array('name' => 'X-Report-Abuse', 'value' => 'Please report abuse for this campaign here: ' . $reportAbuseUrl),
array('name' => 'Feedback-ID', 'value' => $this->getFeedbackIdHeaderValue($campaign, $subscriber, $list, $customer)),
array('name' => 'Precedence', 'value' => 'bulk'),

// since
array('name' => $headerPrefix . 'EBS', 'value' => $options->get('system.urls.frontend_absolute_url') . 'lists/block-address'),
); */

Will wait for your revert. Also, I read other forum posts where twisted asked them to make changes to init.php as well. Can you please guide me a little more on this.

array('name' => 'List-Unsubscribe', 'value' => $listUnsubscribeHeaderValue),
The line indication (with "~") '900-920' was just so you look into it yourself and see what is applicable.
Suggesting you take a backup of the original file before making any changes (so that you can easily revert, if need be).
Then only comment out / delete what you need to (i.e. per your request, the List-Unsubscribe).

make changes to init.php as well
Do you have a link to that?