[Release] MailWizz - v1.3.6.3 / v1.3.6.4

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Hi guys,

This is a cumulative maintenance release containing version and also version. changelog:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2016-05-28
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - #27 - Added filters for subscribers from all lists area (customer)
[ADD] - Ability to send to only a number of the total subscribers in a campaign and to randomize the subscribers
[ADD] - Added campaign_template_available_option_tags_list filter hook
[ADD] - #34 - Added Mailjet delivery server web api, requires php >= 5.4
[ADD] - #35 - Added Sendinblue delivery server web api, requires php >= 5.3
[ADD] - #36 - Added Tipimail delivery server web api, requires php >= 5.3
[ADD] - #33 - Additional global headers (customers wide and customers group)
[ADD] - #32 - Added CTOR stat
[ADD] - Added ability to select default country and timezone for customer registration
[ADD] - Added ability to skip email confirmation on customer registration
[ADD] - Added ability to completely override the bounce handler rules by using a rules-custom-override.php file
[ADD] - Added a new extension, the Welcome Tour Extension
[BUG] - Fix calling namespace classes in php < 5.3 in DswhController
[BUG] - Fix the way campaign activity map extension displays the pin cluseterer
[ENH] - Better management for domain policies sending retries via other servers
[ENH] - Better bounce management with separate internal bounces
[ENH] - When copy subscribers, now it also updates the custom fields. In the past, if a subscriber existed, it was skipped entirely
[ENH] - Admins can now see unpublished articles in frontend
[UPD] - Updated CKeditor extension (ElFinder) changelog
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2016-05-30
--- -------------------------------------------
[ENH] - Improved ElasticEmail bounce processing rules.
[ENH] - Allow aria-* attributes in htmlpurifier

This release should fix lots of previous issues.
If you have any problem using it, please let me know in this thread.

You can download it from your mailwizz customers area.

People having the support addon/extension installed in their application must update the extension first (they will be notified by Envato about the extension update being available).
If at the time you read this the update hasn't been made available, then just disable the extension, upgrade mailwizz, then wait for the extension update notification.

Thank you.
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Question - upgrading from are there any DB upgrades as part of this?

I am planning to move to a new MailWizz instance. Could I then install fresh and then restore a database and then run the upgrade?
@bidorbuy - there are actually a few databases changes added for version, not sure exactly if it will work as you requested.

So if I put up a new server with the code-base and then restore a database, wouldn't the update via the console upgrade the restored DB to
My update failed in half way and I reverted to old version Now, images like campaign preview, customer logo, backend logo, etc are not showing up. Looks like a permission issue.

I had to chmod the below directories to 777 when asked -


Please help. Also, what are the default permission for these directories ?
All good, found this gem - /apps/console/commands/shell/set-dir-perms
Not deleting the thread, might help someone ;)
Also, when A customer registered, they are not placed into a default group i already created. The settings suggest they should be auto placed into a group. Am I doing something wrong or is this a error?
@Marty - Yeah, that's an issue, luckly a small one.
Unzip and upload attached in apps/customer/controllers to override existing file.


  • GuestController.php.zip
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As many file sizes changed due to adaptations, I wonder if
all the other patches (apart from above GuestController) from between to this version are included in the latest release (

thx a million, great stuff!
@frm.mwz - yeah all the files are included ;)
@Anton Denga - If you are using the support tickets extensions, that can be the culprit.
Try to rename it temporary into something else (apps/extensions/ folder).
The updated version of the extension sits in codecanyon queue right now, you'll get a notification when you can download it.
if you're not using that extension, enable debug and let's see what causes it.
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Thanks, that's the big addition, hopefully will shed some lights on how to get started with mailwizz :)

Its a great addition. The biggest problem I have is my customers not fully understanding the interface. This tour guide will add some clarity for them.

Perhaps the next big update start working on a simpler interface like mailchimp or something.
i can't find it on folder apps/common/extensions/

but. i'm also find it on folder /apps/extensions, then rename, and it's work.
Thanks, waiting for the support extention update
@Marty - That wouldn't hurt, if you have the time go for it ;)
Just keep in mind that right now we just bounce ideas on the subject, will be a longer path to actually doing a implementation.
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