[Release] MailWizz - v1.3.6.2

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Hi guys,

This release comes due to a bug reported here and even though i didn't finish all the features planned for this version, we still have a very high number of fixes and new features that most of you were awaiting, as follows:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2016-04-19
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - More options for click stats exporting
[ADD] - Email template links can start with a tag, i.e: http://[DOMAIN]/path-on-server
[ADD] - List form custom redirect extension allows now links like http://[DOMAIN]/path-on-server
[ADD] - Added ability to order price plans
[ADD] - Added customer_controller_guest_form_submit_start action hook
[ADD] - Added captcha for register / login / forgot password forms for customer area
[ADD] - Added ability to set price plans visibility
[ADD] - Added ability for customers to have their own blacklist
[ADD] - Display and search in lists, campaigns and subscribers by their unique ID
[ADD] - Implemented TWIG as the template engine for campaign templates, which means conditionals and much more can be used in the template.
[ADD] - Added monthly quota for delivery servers
[ADD] - #15 - Ability to add logo from customization area for backend / customer / frontend
[ADD] - #14 - New command to delete old records from various tables
[ADD] - #9 - Restrict users from creating accounts from free emails like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail
[ADD] - Added customer_account_edit_render_tabs filter hook
[ADD] - #16 - Add IP filtering for API calls
[ADD] - #13 - Allow to specify why a subscriber unsubscribed
[ADD] - #3 - Manual subscription request approval
[ADD] - #18 - Ability to filter subscribers that did(not) open/click one/all campaigns in given timespan and take an action against them, such as disable
[ADD] - #24 - IP / UA of customers when they login, together with geo location if possible
[ADD] - #25 - Campaign retry sending failures
[BUG] - Tracking domain handling issue in delivery servers because of wrong header parsing
[BUG] - Fixed twitter login issue
[BUG] - filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) causes issues under certain circumstances
[CHG] - Twitter login needs PHP >= 5.5 in order to work
[CHG] - Improved the DeliveryServer::pickServer method for faster result generation
[ENH] - Plan downgrade. #5
[ENH] - #17 - Autodetect CSV delimiter
[ENH] - #19 - Api endpoint to search subscribers by email in all lists
[ENH] - Cache for subscriber custom fields which can be enabled via perf flags
[UPD] - Upgraded ElFinder to latest release
[UPD] - Upgraded CKEditor to latest release

You can download version from here. Note that you need to be logged in to access the page.

As always, please test this release on a test environment before going live with it and if you find any issues, please let me know so i can fix them in a timely manner.

Please keep in mind that when you reach the upgrade step, you are notified that you can use the command line upgrade tool. You should use it since there are some database changes that might take a long time to complete and if you do it from the browser, it might timeout resulting in a broken app.

Don't forget to backup, this goes without saying.

Thank you.
Hello good news that the new version and I'm going down, I wanted to ask because I do not handle well the English if now in this version you can send the customer a link to see reports without having to enter the platform?

Thank you very much and congratulations on your excellent work
Things i think you need to fix:

#1 - Tracking Domain issue, (as i see only in Amazon Ses Web Api):
amz1.png <--- When i set the tracking domain
amz2.png as you see in this example
amz3.png and then i properly save, the value "dissapear".

This happens too when i duplicate the same type of server.

#2 When you put code in the html editor you need to go to the "preview" to make the changes savable, if not you never make the change.

#3 And most important to me: find a way to make the "from email" of each amazon server work dinamically to avoid make one server per client.

Thats all by now.
CAN you send us the files related to bugs only

We made changes in added some different items so we can compare files ans make update to those files only.

“I observed a few of my customer campaigns were stalled at “sending (some %)”. It never progressed.” so we upgrade that particular files to marketing suite
@Startup6 - You should use a diff tool to compare the files as follows:
apps/init.php (see Yii::$classMap call in file)
apps/common/components/validators (this new folder added)
However, make sure you test this first and most of all, you really should find a way to stay up-to-date with the app.

@Ariel Blanco - Please use features request area for these requests.
Hello @twisted1919

I would love you to add this feature in your next release.

Ability to export blacklisted emails based on "reason" because, sometimes emails are blacklisted not because of invalid emails address but because the server IP sending out the mails is on the block list. Am referring to something like this: "smtp; 553 5.7.1 [BL21] Connections will not be accepted from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, because the ip is in Spamhaus's list; seehttps://help.yahoo.com/kb/postmaster/SLN5070.html"

So, instead of removing all from the email blacklist and still affecting the invalid ones. It would be cool if we would be able to export email addresses based on "Reason"

Or, if possible to configure the app not to import bounced base on "Reason"

If you have any other idea(s). You may share!.

@Startup6 - Pending sending is explained here.
Make sure in backend > settings > cron > Campaigns at once you have a high number, something like 50 or 100. Sometimes there are that many campaigns processing at once that we need to add more slots for processing and we do that by increasing the number of campaigns at once.
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