Serious loop hole in email syntax checker that stalls ongoing campaigns


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Hi @twisted1919 ,

I observed a few of my customer campaigns were stalled at "sending (some %)". It never progressed. Then I checked application log and I found this -

2016/04/18 19:51:01 [error] [application] Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.
(I use swiftmailer)
If you look at the address above, it has a wrongly placed "." (period) on the email id that makes it invalid. But I wonder why MW allowed this invalid email to be uploaded. And, once I deleted that contact from the list, fortunately the campaign started again :). So, I guess we need to re-check the email verifier regex to make sure email ids like this will not be uploaded. I tried to add such an email address manually and got it added w/o any issues. Please look into.

Thank you !
Also, at such events, it should "giveup" errors like this and move on to next subscriber :)
Okay the issue has been fixed.
I have to draft a new release because the fix is rooted in many files.
I guess it was the time for a new release anyway.
Stay tuned for the announcement :)
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Perfect, mine is PHP 5.6. And I was sleeping when you were asking for details, sorry about that :D. This was pretty fast and thank you very much for that :):):)