regular campaign (via RSS) is not generated at the time of sending?


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I set up a recurring campaign to send an email with the content of a daily post with the summary of the crypto market.

the post is published from Monday to Friday, until 7 pm. thus, I configured the system so that the email was sent at 8 pm.

the email is configured with these variables:

[XML_FEED_BEGIN url='' count='1' days-back='1' send-only-unique-items='yes']

however, even if the day's post is published (for example today), the system sends the previous day's post (yesterday).

it seems to me that this is happening because the system loads the news that is in the feed at the time the campaign is created (the day before, after the emails from the previous campaign are sent).

my question is: is there a possibility for the system to load the news contained in the feed that are IN THE TIME OF SHIPPING?

@zedomingues - i think this has been answered via tickets and you have to add the no-item-action='postpone-campaign' attribute.
Check the ticket and reply to it or here so we know if that fixed it or not.