1. Z

    regular campaign (via RSS) is not generated at the time of sending?

    I set up a recurring campaign to send an email with the content of a daily post with the summary of the crypto market. the post is published from Monday to Friday, until 7 pm. thus, I configured the system so that the email was sent at 8 pm. the email is configured with these variables...
  2. P

    Our XML (RSS) Feeds stopped working in version 1.8.5 of Mailwizz

    Has anyone else run into this problem? We have been sending a daily Newsletter to 100k subscribers for almost 2 years now. Except for a recent bug in MW, that was fixed in a previous version, the XML RSS Code has been working flawlessly. On 09/26/19 I updated PHP on our server to version 7.3.9...
  3. F

    RSS - Schedule Newsletter

    Hi there, I’m loving this app, and using it to replace Mailchimp. I have one quick questions regarding an RSS campaign. how do I schedule an email to send every day? I want to send my subscribers the latest blog posts via RSS. I checked this link ...
  4. R

    Display previously sent campaigns on website

    Hi there, I'm having trouble figuring out how to and if at all possible to display previously sent campaigns on the website. We've come from interspire and they allowed to use an RSS function to display previously sent campaigns on ones website. I know you have an ability to pull blog feed into...
  5. R


    Hello to all, I'm looking for someone who can integrate this feature: My client, send email containing just news from various RSS Feeds. I want a system of drag and drop news from RSS feed. Example : Feed 1 Feed 2 Feed 3 From Feed 1 i want only 2 news From Feed 2 I just want 1 news From...
  6. Jaggs

    Need help with an RSS newsletter template

    I've got a newsletter template which I would like to use with an RSS campaign from WordPress, but I can't get it looking nice. Anyone who would like to help fix it for a fee?