Problem with Custom Field + suggestion


Dear guys, I want to reiterate that you have really done a beautiful job.

I want to report a small problem regarding the automatic filling of custom fields.

For example: 1) I created for a list the custom field “DATE LAST OPEN EMAIL” 2) During the campaign planning phase, I entered in the settings that if the user opens a campaign, he sets the [DATETIME] tag in the personalized field associated with “DATE LAST OPEN EMAIL”, that is, the timestamp of the current date and time.

Everything works, the problem is that for some subscribers / subscribers who have opened multiple campaigns, the custom field “LAST DATE EMAIL OPENING” contains two Timestamps, where one indicates the last opening date while the other indicates the previous date of opening. The correct thing I want is that the field contains only the last opening date as it already happens correctly for everyone else (it’s an internal error, a bug, I don’t know.).

I necessarily need this because I use other tags in segmentation to include only subscribers who have opened in the last 30/60 or 90 days.

Maybe it would be possible for you to develop a default setting for all the campaigns in which you can self-populate all the custom fields such as: geolocation, last opening date, last click date, last sent date?

I hope I have been clear in explaining my problem. P.S .: the problem does not occur for all subscribers but only for 5% of subscribers.

I take this opportunity to give you a piece of advice for developing MailWizz software which could be very useful for respecting the best practices towards the major world ESPs. I have not found in the software a function that allows you to send to a mixed subscriber list and order it by last email openings, that is: first to the subscribers who have opened in the last 30 days, then to those of the last 60 days, then 90, and etc. This feature could be really interesting as many mail providers are very careful about this aspect.

I await news, Hello!
@Mailsenpai - Please note that my colleague, @laurentiu has been working on this for the last couple of days, so he might contact you for additional info.
Meanwhile, could you please tell us about your server resources, like ram, cpu and storage type? Also, the number of subscribers and campaigns.
Dear @twisted1919 , as you suggested I also wanted to open a ticket on the forum and to do so I renewed the support from codecanyon. I have many suggestions to give you for your fabulous platform that will interest many of your customers, I hope they will be appreciated by you and the whole community.

As you asked me I release the information about the resources of the servers in use:
1) The server where the software resides: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU D-1541 @ 2.10GHz, 16 cores -
Real memory: 62.86 GiB total - Local disk space: 1.43 TiB total

2) The server where the database resides: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz, 32 cores -
Real memory: 125.85 GiB total - Local disk space: 2.59 TiB total

4) Number of subscribers: 190k / 200k
5) Campaigns sent daily: 7/8 on different subscriber segmentations

I remain available for any further information.
Greetings to all and good work!