custom fields

  1. D

    Already published campaign. Manually add geo data/ user agent to custom fields

    I've just understood how to add data to custom fields. I have already sent alot of campaigns which have data - Geo stats, user agent.. How do i update the list to reflect data from these campaigns?
  2. Groundarker

    Problem with Custom Field + suggestion

    Dear guys, I want to reiterate that you have really done a beautiful job. I want to report a small problem regarding the automatic filling of custom fields. For example: 1) I created for a list the custom field “DATE LAST OPEN EMAIL” 2) During the campaign planning phase, I entered in the...
  3. rtmsolutions

    API - Create Custom Fields

    Looking through the API Documentation, I can't see a way to create custom fields for a list ... there only seems to be an endpoint to get a list of the fields. Is there a createFields endpoint available?
  4. R

    Creating Custom Fields Using the API

    Hi, I saw back in 2015 someone asked the same question and at the time the API wasn't supporting this feature. I was wondering if it has now been implemented into the API. I had a quick look through the API endpoints and didn't find anything so I though I'd ask on here...
  5. C

    Question about custom fields in new lists

    I have a list created by MW from a Campaign Action, anyone who opened a campaign was moved to this new list. My problem is the new list doesn't contain all the same custom fields that were in the lists I made myself and uploaded. Why does this happen and how can I make the custom fields for both...
  6. bancomail

    Issue during CSV Import with default values

    Hello, I have an issue with CSV import and default values. Basically, MailWizz is not updating contacts custom fields with the default values when these values are not defined in my csv (and I can't do this, otherwise I would overwrite those already filled). I need this to create a new...