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sorry my english...
somehow you can edit the size of the preview image view templates ?

en español por si alguien entiende
hay alguna manera de editar el tamaño de captura de la imagne que se usa para las previas, porq no me en la imagen generada no muestra el color de fondo de la planttilla y agarrar por la mitad la plantilla, me gustaria que toem el fondo y que arranque arriba.
muestro ejemplos

original view templates .

real template "tigre"

i would like so

You could inspect the element and see where to edit the code to make previews bigger
submit a feature request to make preview pic size adjustable ;)
The image is missing because that's hosted on a different server (you've referenced it via a URL).

Solution : You can simply embed/upload the image to your template directly to make it load perfectly. Alternatively, you can put a "screenshot.png" file in your template zip file to use it as a default preview image as described here. But, now the problem is, when you update the template and generate a preview next time, it will disregard screenshot.png image and will not render image URLs if any.

I also agree that the way URL images are handled now is not good, but I guess a perfect fix needs some software to be installed on the hosting server and @twisted1919 wants to avoid software dependencies as much as he can.

Regarding resizing a preview, I'm of the opinion by @frm.mwz - to submit a feature request or do it your own;)