1. Blake Bridge

    I have a custom template library for sale

    Hi all mailwizzers I have a unique template library for sale. Its 18 custom designed , drag n drop templates built with the drag n drop extension code canyon. I'm asking 500 usd (PayPal or payoner) for the entire library. If you run an email marketing company and want to offer well crafted...
  2. Chris Falkenstein

    Email template page vs. gallery page.

    Hi all, When a customer is logged in, what's the difference between 'Email templates > templates' and 'Email templates > gallery'?
  3. Paul Hughes

    Updating Page Templates

    Where do I find the code so I can update the standard page templates? In the backend, the menu item "List Page Types" has all of the standard stuff which goes into the BODY of the page but I cannot see where I change the template in which this body is being embedded. I also presume that for...
  4. D

    Which twig functions work in MailWizz?

    Hello All, I've been able to successfully use the following twig function in a template: {% if A = ‘x’ %} Sunny weather {% elseif A = ‘y’ % } Rainy weather {% else %} Nothing special {% endif %} But was not able to use: {% random(['apple', 'orange', 'citrus']) %} Which twig functions...
  5. Jamie Whittingham

    Bulk Template Uploader

    Hi MW Community. I was wondering if anyone knew how to bulk upload templates. Uploading 1 template at a time is a bit of a pain in the bum and adding nearly 2,000 templates does not look like fun. Any suggestions / plugins please? thanks all !
  6. Sergio Brusisi

    preview templates

    sorry my english... somehow you can edit the size of the preview image view templates ? ---- en español por si alguien entiende hay alguna manera de editar el tamaño de captura de la imagne que se usa para las previas, porq no me en la imagen generada no muestra el color de fondo de la...
  7. BirdyUK

    Do you need help, training or customization of Mailwizz?

    What can i provide to you that will help you on the road to success? Being a Verified Mailwizz Expert with a vast knowledge of the Mailwizz framework. Custom Installation for any needs from small projects to enterprise level businesses. Bulk Email Sending with proven success rates to...
  8. GlobalDIMA

    360 premium templates mail for yours mailwizz

    10 color variation of 36 premium templates see http://gbshop.com.ar FREE for you help to translate all of spanish