1. O


    Where do you get your email template themes from?
  2. Jim Elliott

    Date in Email

    I am intending sending out regular newsletters to users of software and wondered if it is possible to add the date automatically to a line in the email template
  3. M

    Gmail AMP & Annotations

    Google is rolling out AMP and Annotations to Gmail. Both of those features are expected to change the way users interact with emails. Microsoft is already looking into implementing AMP as well in its Outlook. My question is, will there be any updates in that area in mailwizz? For example...
  4. Blake Bridge

    I have a custom template library for sale

    Hi all mailwizzers I have a unique template library for sale. Its 18 custom designed , drag n drop templates built with the drag n drop extension code canyon. I'm asking 500 usd (PayPal or payoner) for the entire library. If you run an email marketing company and want to offer well crafted...
  5. T

    Replace tags of html template of cron job from the extension

    We have extension and its task is to replace some tags in campaigns' templates to some images. It should work when we start CRON Job command send-campaign. And in time of this running, we should change our custom tag to image. But the main point is to change tags during cron job is running and...
  6. Blake Bridge

    Designer to create 18 Toggle Builder Tempates

    Hello, Im an ESP looking to develop 18 high quality templates for my clients to use when building campaigns. These templates were originally built three years ago for use in Sendy but now that I am moving the service to Mailwizz we must recreate these templates. Here is the link to the current...
  7. C

    Email templates

    Hi where can I find good Mailwizz templates? Are any html template found on Envato good for the purpose or should I look in some specific site? Thanks
  8. Britt Malka

    Default template - getting 404 when saving "common template"

    Hi, I tried to find out how to make a template default for the customer (myself). I couldn't find anything, but found the Email Template - Common under the Settings. But when I try to change it, I get a 404 error: Unable to resolve the request "backend/index.php/settings/email-templates". My...
  9. Mark R. White

    MailWizz - Twig Template Engine Template Includes

    Does MailWizz's implementation of the Twig support include statements (as seen below)? {{ include('sidebar.html') }} {% for box in boxes %} {{ include('render_box.html') }} {% endfor %} If so where would you save those partial files? through the front end or just store them in twig's...
  10. Colt405

    Change/Select Template for Campaign Results In Missing CSS/Header

    When trying to assign a template to a campaign I am sent to a page that is missing all design elements. I have cleared cache/cookies, tried incognito and tried other browsers but still have the same issue. Clearing cookies/cache worked the last time this happened but it is still happening. Any...
  11. G

    How create a autoresponder with 7 messages and send day after day

    Dear great gurus, great twisted1919, great frm.mwz and other users, i am very, very new and a beginner and i have the MW since 2 weeks and can not send a autoresponder with 7 messages/letters... :( I read the manual, i read in this forum, i search in this forum "How create a autoresponder...
  12. Jamie Whittingham

    Bulk Template Uploader

    Hi MW Community. I was wondering if anyone knew how to bulk upload templates. Uploading 1 template at a time is a bit of a pain in the bum and adding nearly 2,000 templates does not look like fun. Any suggestions / plugins please? thanks all !
  13. P

    Email HTML disappears

    Hi, After inserting an HTML code on the template section of campaign it fails to save it and shows blank afterwards. When checking the "source" it seems mailwizz automatically removes the entire body and saves the <head></head>. Would this be a bug? I've also try to upload the html as zip and...
  14. Jaggs

    Need help with an RSS newsletter template

    I've got a newsletter template which I would like to use with an RSS campaign from WordPress, but I can't get it looking nice. Anyone who would like to help fix it for a fee?
  15. Sergio Brusisi

    preview templates

    sorry my english... somehow you can edit the size of the preview image view templates ? ---- en español por si alguien entiende hay alguna manera de editar el tamaño de captura de la imagne que se usa para las previas, porq no me en la imagen generada no muestra el color de fondo de la...
  16. R

    Problem loading of a template

    Hello. I have a problem loading of a template. What I not correctly do? The template has attached.
  17. BirdyUK

    Do you need help, training or customization of Mailwizz?

    What can i provide to you that will help you on the road to success? Being a Verified Mailwizz Expert with a vast knowledge of the Mailwizz framework. Custom Installation for any needs from small projects to enterprise level businesses. Bulk Email Sending with proven success rates to...
  18. Vince

    Links <a href...> are completely removed

    Hello, I have been alerted by a subscriber that the links are not working... The underlying link seems to be removed : Code inside mailwizz : <p align="center"><font color="#336633" face="Arial" size="6"><a href="http://www.livetouristpage.xyz">More information</a></font></p> <p><font...
  19. OptiBiz1

    Getting blank pages with templates

    I am trying to access the template "Gallery" and "My templates", but all I get are blank pages. I have set the debugger to show what is happening, but I can't interpret that. The output is roughly two A4 paper sizes long.
  20. Sebastian

    About theme editing

    I need to add some custom code into the customers footer's layout. I'm editing app/apps/customer/views/layouts/main.php. Is there a better way to do this without ever touch this core file? Thanks