Possible new design for MailWizz, opinions?

Should we go for the new design?

  • Yes, new design looks much better than the current one, go for it!

    Votes: 103 81.7%
  • Nope, i like existing design more, do not change it!

    Votes: 23 18.3%

  • Total voters
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Hi guys,

Last few weeks we went a bit back and forth because we are thinking to get a new design for MailWizz, and today we received a mockup with two images showing overall how the app will look if we were to implement these new designs.

Here's the 2 mockups we received:

List View:


Form View:

Keep in mind these are just mockups sharing an overall idea of the new design, things are subject to change to a degree during design creation phase.

Please cast your vote into the poll i created.

Thank you.
We'll, it depends on the amount of work that can be used to improve other things, i like the new design, but i should not drag the funcional developments
Exactly it is just the change of color. I think you need to focus on not UI but UX. The current design is not enough good for end users. Technically of course mailwizz is the best but looking from the design point of view I advise you to look at [redacted. we know.].
Yep. I agree with that
@twisted1919 I would agree with others here. I think the design looks nice, however I can't see any benefit except it looking nice. An improved UX however would be massively beneficial, there's a huge amount of settings and flexibility within the software, but a lot of the settings and features can be hard to find, or need to be changed in multiple places, making it confusing. I would much prefer it if the UX was the major focus to make it easier to find and use functionality.
Please don't change it or make it optional :)
The new design offers nothing new. It is just colors....
I second this, the program is great but a bit complex for final users, improving UX would be more important then the design.
Yes, it will give refresh look to the mailwizz panel. Also, please allow some customization options for end-users level as well (like color selection etc.)
Dully noted about the UX stuff, for anyone pointing it out so far, we're also planning changes in this area to make things simpler.
We are also thinking to do more videos to help more.

Problem with UX is that the entire app is just too huge and it gives a lot of configuration options, this makes it super hard to get a simpler UX, but we're open to suggestions, as always.
It's looking modern but just changing colors isn't enough. Change the workflow view of customer area and make it more user friendly. For example, It's very annoying when you want to Import/add subscriber to a list. You will need to browse 2 pages and then look around to find the options to add subscriber!

Also try to add a basic customer Registration form builder, so we can Add/Remove/make compulsory or optional few registration field.
I understand progress and development are important, I think that you should look at working on say the Top 5 FAQ's and develop the site so these questions are not asked anymore.
After working for an International Oil Company for many years I came to realise that the KISS principal and 'If it's not broke, don't fix it' theories are true.
Wishing you ever success with your project
I agree with others too and Michael makes a good point but if this is first stage could we see a few more frames to get better feel for the design element and hopefuly you can roll out any UX improvements too along the way
The sidebar and header of the new template are much better, but I didn't like the black buttons. I also agree with other people about the importance of UX against UI.
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