Need instructions to setup & start sending a campaigns

Mahmoud Omar

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Hi i installed the system in my host and know how to build template and add lists & subscribers..
and create customers as well.
now i need to start use customer panel to start sending my first campaign..

tried with domain section and add the TXT to domain records and logged to server section and also tried to verify the email... really confused..

please guide me with steps how to setup the sending server & email... what should i do as new user to start using the system...
Hi there,

Okay, this is pretty simple.
Once you have installed the app, first thing you need to do is to add a delivery server from Backend -> Delivery Servers and validate it so that the app can use it for sending emails.
Next, you need to go to Backend -> Customers and login as an existing customer so that you get into the customer area.
Once you are in customer area, you will want to create an email list and import your subscribers, then create a test campaign for your newly created list and send it. If everything goes well, you should receive the email from campaign and then can start sending real campaigns not just tests.

If you get any bump in the road, you can ask here, but make sure you also go over since there are listed the most common issues you might find.

please guide me with steps how to setup the sending server & email... what should i do as new user to start using the system...
You could start with the simple things, leave domains alone for now, they will confuse you. But setting up a delivery server should be very simple, just add your smtp details, save your form and validate the delivery server, which means to insert an email address to which the app will try to send an emails with a validation link. If you receive the email and click the validation link, mailwizz knows then that the smtp server is ready for use.
the server added & and now active and selceted as the server to send emails but no errors and also no email sent...


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so i need to add the cron jobs as you did in all server i need to use ... right?
if that right...
can you please tell my instruction to add the cron... what is the line code & and what type of Common Settings?

Appreciate you support :)
Hi there,
I purchased your script form and installed the script info my server with proper corn job setting but when I created a campaign as customer account and tried to send a campaign then it showing me pending sending. So, let me know what is the issue and how I can fix it.

If possible then send me step by step instruction to setup this script inside my server. I am using bluehost and my server info is as below.

Apache Version 2.2.31
PHP Version 5.4.43
MySQL Version 5.5.42-37.1-log
Operating System linux

I think this requirement is good for the script.

I also attached a screenshot of my corn job

So, please check it out asap and let me know i am waiting here for your reply.

Another thing is if you can setup this script for me then let me know I will send you all of the require info.