Mailwizz customization developer

Amy Cancryn

New Member
I tried to hire someone to integrate mailwizz with the bloom plugin from elegant themes and it didn't work out.

He said he could do it, tried to do it then said, he couldn't do it after all.

Can you give me some suggestions of developers who can use the mailwizz api and integrate it into another application?

There is a CRM that I would love to connect mailwizz to so we can send marketing/customer emails from.

So, if you are or know someone who is a developer, please let me know.
Hi, we can do this if it is technically possible, only problem is we are filled with work for next 2-3 weeks for sure. If it is still ok with you please email me to with complete description of what you need done.

Thank you!
I know this threat is old, but for anyone else wandering across this, I don't know why you couldn't just utilize the "Custom HTML Form" option of Bloom with your mailwizz form code.