1. M

    share some of my experience about developing MW theme

    I try to develop a theme and I want to share some of my experience, MW design is really good and flexible for changes and with the help of Yii architecture for the flexibility, it is possible to change everything you need. for developing a theme you need to extend ThemeInit class and then you...
  2. Blake Bridge

    Developer Needed - Major Modification Wanted

    Hi looking for a developer who can make modifications to mailwizz. Im own a email marketing company that sends marketing for client to OUR private lists. (basicly list rental) GOAL: All clients will have access to same 150 lists in MYSQL database (450k records roughly) 1.When new customer...
  3. R


    Hello to all, I'm looking for someone who can integrate this feature: My client, send email containing just news from various RSS Feeds. I want a system of drag and drop news from RSS feed. Example : Feed 1 Feed 2 Feed 3 From Feed 1 i want only 2 news From Feed 2 I just want 1 news From...
  4. Jamie Whittingham

    MailWizz / Yii Programmer Needed for ongoing projects and addons

    Hi guys and gals. We are looking for a MailWizz / Yii programmer to convert my non-extension code / addon's into valid MailWizz Ext. We are looking for good clean code and also looking to build an ongoing relationship with a programmer as we have many addons that need creating for our ESP...
  5. A

    Mailwizz customization developer

    Hi, I tried to hire someone to integrate mailwizz with the bloom plugin from elegant themes and it didn't work out. He said he could do it, tried to do it then said, he couldn't do it after all. Can you give me some suggestions of developers who can use the mailwizz api and integrate it into...
  6. BirdyUK

    Do you need help, training or customization of Mailwizz?

    What can i provide to you that will help you on the road to success? Being a Verified Mailwizz Expert with a vast knowledge of the Mailwizz framework. Custom Installation for any needs from small projects to enterprise level businesses. Bulk Email Sending with proven success rates to...
  7. J

    Need A developer to Install MailWizz to my Amazon Account

    Hi, Looking to hire someone to install the Mailwizz software to my AWS account. Thanks
  8. N

    Need a Developer to customize Mailwizz

    Hi 1. We want to implement a calculator in mailwizz where a customer can mention the email volume he requires and the price is calculated. Then this price is charged via paypla and the email credits are added to the customer account. (pretty much like mandrill pricing calculator) 2. We want to...